Being Human


Let’s stop the clock! It’s high time we reflected upon something we tend to take for granted.  Are you ready for some food for thought?  It’ll be challenging, but it’s 100% worthwhile.  Believe me.

So, READY! Let’s embark on the following task.

  • If you were asked to jot down, without much ado, what being human is all about, what would you write?

  • What are the features that make us HUMAN?  Do these features change from country to country, in your opinion?

  • Now read the following quotations and take some time to reflect upon the way they prompt deeper investigation in what humanity or being human implies.  Does any quotation help you hone your “definition”?

Now watch the trailer of a documentary, worth watching in its entirety.

The photographer attempted to understand the earth on which we live by taking photographs all over the world. I attempt to understand humanity through meaningful interaction, though art, through films, but most of all through reading literature.

  • How do you attempt to understand humanity?

  • Humanity progresses, but it seems we are still living in a two-tiered world. Why?

  • We are still incapable of living together? Why?

  • Why from one generation to the next do we continue to make the same mistakes?

  • “The eyes are the mirror to the soul”. In whose eyes would you like to get lost? Why?

  • Do we all have the same desire for love, for freedom, for recognition in a world torn between tradition and modernity?

  • Ultimately, WHAT does it MEAN to be a HUMAN today? What is the meaning of life?

  • Are our differences so huge? Do we not share more values than we think? If so, why is it still so hard to understand one another?

Let’s write our stories. Let’s build up a wall of shared uniqueness, a wall that makes any other wall (hatred, injustice, inequality, racism, indifference, homophobia, etc.) topple down and vanish. Perhaps this is a utopic path of investigation, but thinking is the essence of life, along with feeling deeply.
Paste your podcasts (use the application Spreaker or Soundcloud) in the Padlet below and remember to add either a song or an image that to you encompasses the mystery of life, that encapsulates your vision of humanity.  Ideally, you can share on the Padlet other links to videos, songs, articles, etc. that add meaninful prompts for this journey of ours.  I added a few myself.

Made with Padlet

This is the song I have chosen (Rag’n’Bone Man – Human)

This is a song recommended by one of my students and I love it, thank you Nicole.


One thought on “Being Human

  1. I am extremely satisfied with the work you did. Listening to all your podcasts was a great opportunity to see and understand the wealth of humanity you all have. It is just incredible delving into your “minds” and “hearts”. You are capable of profound and touching feelings and thoughts. Thanks for your input, you certainly enriched me and I hope whoever is going to listen to your words will be positively impacted as I was. Your teacher of English is very proud of you. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
    Cristiana Ziraldo

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