Music sparks our creativity



We are going to listen to six songs with different rhythms.  Do not worry about the lyrics, you are not expected to understand all the words.  Be carried away by the rhythm and melody.  For each song use one sheet of paper.  Jot down your thoughts and feelings, try to write down the pictures you see in your head.  What you see, who you see, where the scene takes place, etc.  As soon as I change song, you start writing onto a new sheet of paper.


Swap papers with your deskmate and try to guess what song sparked the “stream-of-consciousness” pieces you are going to read.


Choose one image of your own and rewrite it fully, enrich it with more details.  Play the music that inspired it in your head.


These are the songs I chose for you, if you want to relisten to them at home:

Ed Sheeran “Take it Back”; Emili Sandé “Maybe”; Jack Savoretti “Not Worthy”; James Morrison “In My Dreams”; Rebecca Ferguson “Nothing Real But Love”; Adele “Rolling in the Deep”.

Listen to the song “Photograph” and jot down some words.

Then read the lyrics and circle the words or expressions you like the most.  You will use these words to write your own poem (this is called found poetry).  Enjoy it.


This is my poem dedicated to a friend I love.


Torn inside

head bursting

memories blow up in my mind

My heart is on fire

My heart is the hearth of passion

My heart is the tomb of pain

The love for you should heal anything

but now

it hurts, hurts

My heart is like your ripped jeans

the ones you loved wearing when you were young

I’m meeting your eyes

My soul feels entrenched

It burns with worries, it burns with fear

I see you and that

soothes me

You are with me now

The tombstone is our playground

not your bed of rest

You won’t leave me alone

I won’t ever let you go

You’ll always be part of me


12 thoughts on “Music sparks our creativity

  1. My heartbeat thumps in my ears
    my legs run faster
    The crowd shouts my name
    and take photographs of me.
    As I picture the trophy
    my heart runs out of beats.

  2. Frozen memories
    I would like to unfreeze to relive.
    Memories -too wonderful-
    that can hurt me.
    My head, leaning on your shoulder,
    your hand holding mine,
    with You I feel at home,
    I won’t ever be alone.

  3. Sometimes i think that you.
    you’ re steal alive. but isn’ t true.
    you are the reason of my life.
    my words bleed, because you’ re not near me,
    in this moment,
    it’s hard not to think about what happened to you.
    i want to be close to you,
    i will remember how you kissed me,
    it was wonderful.
    i miss you, Grunny!
    (for my Grandma)

    Dear, I’ve never known,
    But I’m sure you were a great brother,
    I always think that one day you come to me to embrace me,
    your brothers, mom and dad.
    we think of you always.
    I have no memory of you,
    but c ‘is a picture that makes me understand how you were,
    equal to the mother and grandmother.
    you in our hearts, are the only thing we take with us when we die.
    my words bleed, because you’re not near me,
    I love you, Gianluca!
    (for my Brother)

  4. I will always remember
    the last time I talked to you,
    I said:
    “See you later”
    and I never met you again.
    I didn’t have the time
    to hug you the last time.
    I will always keep
    your photograph in my jeans;
    I will always remember
    the way you loved me.
    I’m waiting for the day
    when you hold me
    because nothing hurts me
    like your loss.
    After your Death
    I didn’t
    feel alive
    like before.
    You didn’t keep your promise,

  5. Even if my soul
    try to commit suicide,
    with you it wants
    to come back and
    takes of to wonderland.
    With everyone it
    feels heavy, but
    you are the one
    that could empty it
    and make it open the
    wings to fly away.
    Even if my hart
    seems die,
    it runs fast to stay
    with you ’cause
    it feels alone.
    Even if I try
    to remove you from
    my life and my mind,
    you’ll stay forever
    inside them.

  6. In this picture there is a black horse in a wood that is galloping away from a group of cowboys.At a certain point the horse reaches a big fire. It tries to find a way to escape.But all the wood catches fire.
    The horse is afraid and it doesn’t know how to esape.
    Imagine this scene with the song rolling in the deep as background music

    Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes.
    But is the only thing that I know.
    This love will survive for ever
    When i close my eyes I see you,
    Hearts are never broken
    So I can keep you tight in my heart forever
    You won’t ever be alone,wait for me
    one day we will be together and I can see you
    Remember you are the reason
    why I’m dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower
    Wait for me to come to you
    Wait for me to come to you
    Next to you your heartbeat where I should be
    if I’ll meet you,I won’t ever let you go.
    And you hearing me whisper in your ear,”I love you brother”

    this poem is for my brother that is died in a car accident and I have never know him

  8. Let me whisper, dedicated to my sister

    I found a photograph of us
    Stuck in the pages of my diary
    And it brought back all these memories
    That I’ve always kept inside
    We were smiling
    We were feeling alive
    And after all these years
    In my eyes you are still the best
    Now,baby, take my hand
    So I can take you home
    Where you belong
    I promise I will never hurt you
    And I will always be by your side
    While you heal
    But right now come closer
    And let me whisper into your ear:
    I found a photograph of us
    Stuck in the pages of my diary

  9. Loving can hurt, I know
    But we can survive
    I know it’s hard, but all passes
    I’ll keep this love in a photograph
    To remind me of what we were like
    You can keep me,I’m always here
    I will always be your friend
    I will remember how you smiled when I was joking
    I will remember that day in May
    All the photos we’ve taken
    All the smiles we’ve shared
    The time passed together was great
    I just want to tell you
    You’re still important to me.

  10. I was walking back and forth at home
    When I saw it
    Leant aside
    The photograph of me and you.
    We were so happy then
    You knew it could go wrong
    But this made you feel alive.
    I wish time froze
    in the moment
    we were together.
    Wait for me.
    You can keep my memory
    Until I’ll come home.

  11. I feel alive when my Love
    hold me when I come home.
    Memories that light my soul
    and I see them in your eyes.
    I will remember till
    my last breath.
    We got up together
    but we still frozen
    at our first sight.

  12. The memory of us kissing
    is kept in my heart
    just like the photograph in our album.
    This image of us together is alive,
    it is a forever present.
    It gets into my soul
    and dances with it,
    like they are a single thing.

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