Create your own commercial

The objective of this workshop is not that of having an ethical approach to what some commercials do or do not do, it is not that of disclosing to you the tricks of the trade (advertising).  We just want to have fun and devise our commercial, by choosing the soundtrack, the catchphrase, the brand name and most of all by writing our own script.  Before we delve into all this, let’s start from some very basic question I would like you to discuss in pairs.

What gives you happiness/pleasure/a sense of deep joy and satisfaction with yourself?

If you were asked to define happiness, what our your definition be?

You are going to watch two commercials of a brand of mineral water.  As I pointed out we are not going to analyse the absurdity of buying water (a free resource that should belong to everybody), nor are we going to analyse the techniques used by the advertiser to seel us the advertised product.  We are going to watch the two commercials and jot down our emotions and feelings.  If possible try to jot down what some of the individuals in the two commercials are thinking.  What is the possible bubble speech of the ones the camera zooms on?

You are a film director and you have been asked to shoot a commercial for a brand of mineral water.  Who would you cast?  Why? What soundtrack would you choose?  Why?  What would your catchphrase be? Why?  Evian: live young is very effective and this is the reason why the advertisers chose children and a very lively and “fizzy/sparkling” rhythm.  Rewatch the commercials, think of the impact they have on you as a viewer, try to analyse the soundrack, the actors, the catchphrase.  Then start working on yours.  Try to be really precise in the script you are going to write.  No dialogue, just descpritions.  Your script will end up in the hands of potential professionals in the field of advertising who must it clear in their minds what your final product (=commercial) must look like.

Have fun and be creative!

If at home  you want to hone your script, you can browse these webpages:

You may be interested in watching this guy.  He is great and gives great tips:


7 thoughts on “Create your own commercial

  1. Commercial about water: “Acqua Neve”
    Casting: men between 25-30; appearance of a bad guy (with beard)
    script: a man exits in the back of a disco to smoke, he has the bottle in his hand. He sits on a little wall next to the door. The alley is dimly lit. He drinks some water. While he’s drinking, we see his memory: a dinner, when he was 10, with his parents and his sister. His mother pours him some water with a smile; he smiles her back. Back in the street, we see him smiling.
    Soundtrack: Kodaline – All I want
    Slogan: “You’re never alone”

  2. Commercial about water “San Benedetto”.
    Story: there is San Benedetto walking down a street on the outskirts of a poor city and he sprinkles the San benedetto’s water on people when he meets them. Firstly he sprinkles it on a boy dressed like a real footballer and he’s wearing the t-shirt of Neymar. But he can’t drible and as soon as the water reaches him he becomes Neymar. Now he can drible very well. Secondly he meets a girl that wants to become a top model but she has a spotty and she is crying looking at her face in the mirror but San Benedetto sprinkles his water on her and immediatly she becomes Bianca Balti. Thirdly he meets a boy wearing thick glasses. He looks like a nerd. He wants to become a famous mathematician but he can’t resolve a simple problem so San Benedetto sprinkles his water and the boy becomes a succsessful mathematician and a famous physician taking the Nobel prize. Fourthly he meets a little girl who wants to become a famous singer but she has a horrible voice and when she sings the window panes around her shatter but San Benedetto sprinkles his water and she becomes Rhianna and sings Diamonds.

    Slogan: “From rags to riches”
    Soundtrack: American Authors-Best Day Of My Life

  3. Commercial about water “Dasani”

    Story: A girl, who lives in Gray Land, one day notices something over a little wall. It’s a bottle never seen around before. It’s not the same liquid she daily drinks, this bottle has some weird colors that she never saw before: ome blue, some green and white. She goes behind the wall to try the strange drink. She seems very surprised because it’s actually water.. but it doesn’t taste as the usual. It’s so fresh and pure, not like the nasty thing they get to drink every day, and as soon as she swallows it her skin tone turns from gray to pink, her clothes change colors immediately. She is full colored now and feels so excited that starts pouring water on people on the street. At beginning they seem very angry: why would you pour water on the head of a stranger? But as soon as they see that they turn into colored people they start smiling so big and find other bottles to pour over every single citizen. They also throw water around gardens, houses, and every single building around. Now Gray Land is full of color and everyone is smiling and jumping around.

    Slogan: ” The next step to purity ”
    Soundtrack: Something Big by Shawn Mendes

    • Fabio Galetto
      Commercial about water “Rocchetta”

      Story: A girl is at school. At pause she’s always alone because she is shy in fact don’t talk with anybody so she doesn’t have a friends. She will failed because all subject are insufficient. At saturday night the other school’s friends go in disco but she stays at home and her parents arguing every day. One day she walks alone in a street to go to school, find a bottle of water “Rocchetta” and she drinks. After at school, in pause, she talk for the first time with school friends and all start laugh. After a week all afternon go out with with them and after a month she goes in disco with school friends and salvages all subject. All student of school knows her and her parents stop arguing. She was very cool. At 7:00 o’clock she wakes up, opens her eyes and she appear likebefore but in the desk there is a bottle of water “Rocchetta”. Your dreams will come true.

      Slogan: “Your dreams will come true”
      Soundtrack: Pharrell Williams-Happy

  4. Commercial about water “Alba”

    Story: In the video there’s a big city with skyscapers and buisness buildings (absolute without vegetations). In the street there are a lot of men and woman wearing all the same black suit and tie and with the same briefcase . All have the same type of face (different faces with alle the same expression, all the same hair style). Suddently the shot zooms on a guys in the corner wearing really bright and coloured clothes. He’s skatebording at the edge of the street, then he stops, he takes a bottle of water from his colored back, and he starts to drink the water. When he finish the water he turns directions and he sees at the horizon a big water wave going into his direction. When the Big wave touch that guys, he starts to swim up but the other people don’t do that and continue to walk in the street as nothing is touching them. Then when he finishes to swim to the surface he turns around the head and he founds around him a beach with other guys singing and dancing in front of a bonfire. (when he reach the surface isn’t day it’s late night). When he gets out from the water he’s welcomed buy the other guys and he starts to sing with them. Then the shoot takes a view of all the beach and you can see the beach and the sunraise enlighting a green island with other bonfires and guys singing and dancing.
    Slogan : Drinki Alba, makes your world better.
    Soundtracks: in the city -Mad World- by Gary Jules in the island -Young,Wild and Free- by Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa ft. Bruno Mars

  5. Brand of water: Dolomia
    Casting: a group of old people
    Soundtrack: Heroes(we could be)- Alesso ft. Tove Lo
    Catch phrase: You could be super.
    A group of old people in a nursing home are sitting o the sofa of a dark room. They are watching a TV channel without the signal. They are sturk dumb. Suddenly a nurse arrives with glass of water and pills for each one. the next day, in the same place at the same moment a new nurse arrves with a bottle of Dolomia. The old people drink the water and they stand up and start running in the walls in the roof and than they start shin and they turn to in super heroes. Than they start flying and break the roof. They fly through the city while they help people that need help(a wall that is going to fall upon and crash a school bus; a man that is falling

  6. Brand of water: San Benedetto
    Casting: a group of old and young persons
    Soundtrack: Real Love- Clean Bandit
    Catch phrase: Fly up
    There’s a woman in a garden, as soon as she drinks water she becomes an angel. Other people drink and become angels too.
    All togheter fly up beyond the clouds until they arrive in a wonderful landscape where the floor is made of clouds and it’s full of colorful flowers and evergreen trees. Here the angels dance and all are happy and are smiling while they fly through nature. A girl touches a closed flower and there’s an explosion of colour.Then the birds of the brand fly and the commercial ends. Appear the writing “San Benedetto” and under that there’s the catch phrase.

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