Our first attempt to writing a story

Today we will approach fiction.  You experimented with poetry, now let’s see what we can do in the field of fiction.  One step at a time, do not worry!



What are the stories that fascinate you the most?

What kind of books do you love most?

If you were a writer what would you write a book on?

What are the issues/themes you would love to develop?

When you read a novel, what catches your attention?  The plot? The story? The characterization? The setting? The language?  Try to be as specific as possible.

In your opinion, what does a writer do to make his characters come to life?

When is a story believable?  What ingredients does a story have to have to make you “suspend the disbelief” and enter the fictional world as if it were the real world?  What makes a story captivating?

Think of a book you really loved. What writing techniques did the author use to bring the story to life? Was it the wrenching appeal to your emotions, the vivid and brutal action scenes, or the high stakes facing a character?

Today we will experiment with some “freeflowing” writing generated by a video input and some guiding questions.  It is just our first attempt to writing a story.  We will learn to hone this skill.  As a matter of fact, you need to bear in mind that a writer is the product of all the books he or she has read. Reading the works of skilled writers is a fabulous way to hone your craft and learn how to effectively employ the writing tactics that help you create your own captivating story.

Watch the following video and be inspired! The words below will help you find the right words to write about the story told in the video.  At this stage it will be a story, that is a chronological account of what you watched.

play the violin, girl passionate about music, deaf, bullied, talented, envious contestant, competitive, bully, rich, spoilt, wants to win at all costs, unscrupulous, classical music contest, torn inside, weep, feels lonely and rejected, one day she sees a busker, creates a strong bond, works hard, performs with her new friend, attacked and abused by some of the bully’s friends, smashed violin, she can’t partake in the contest, the opponent rejoices, a taped violin, while playing she sees her past abuses, she acquires strength, the cocoon turns into a butterfly, she is free to express her music, audience speechless, give a standing ovation, she can’t hear, she bends her head in defeat, she can’t believe her eyes when she raises her head, fuming opponent.

What is the name of the heroine? Of her opponent or anti-heroine?

These two webpages will help us:




Let’s experiment with dialogue in a funny/creative/prompting way.


There will be five pairs.

Pair A: write the dialogue between the girl and the violinist.

Pair B: write the dialogue between the girl and her rival.

Pair C: write the dialogue between the violinist and the gang.

Pair D: write the dialogue between the rival and her piano teacher.

Pair E: write the dialogue between the girl and the violinist in hospital.

Writing a dialogue is not as easy as it may seem.  It is not just a matter of opening and closing inverted commas!  Let’s see what an editor’s suggestions on this aspect are:





You are the girl’s violin on the night of the performance.  Write a dialogue between the violinist and the violin itself.


22 thoughts on “Our first attempt to writing a story

  1. This poem is like a beautiful melody
    This tongue fires a series of notes
    Thai poem is designed for the people who cannot Dream
    This poem could teach them to do it
    Preaching follow me to my world
    Like you is wonderful and unreal
    This poem is not noise
    Not designed for those who are not able to listen
    This poem is with me when I sing under the shower
    It gets into my heart
    It lingers around my mind
    This poetry goes with me as I take flight
    I’ve tried to stand with the feet to the ground
    But this is not my world.

  2. This poem is like a song
    This tongue fires a rhythm
    Thai poem is designed to excite me
    This poem is about me
    Preaching follow me
    Like you is born
    This poem is not afun or a game
    Not designed for those who are insecure to them
    This poem is with me when I am sad, lonely and worried
    It gets into me like a power
    It lingers around like an important thing
    This poem goes with me as I with it
    I’ve tried everything to make it have a meaning in my life
    But this is not a song that I love.

  3. The story:

    There’s this heroine called Mia…
    And there’s her opponent whose name’s Kirsten…
    Mia is a girl (duh) who’s passionate about music, but she’s deaf.
    Kirsten plays the piano, ok, she’s talented, but she’s mean and envious. She’s also rich, spoilt, acts like a bully and she’s unscrupulous; she wants to win a classical music competition at all costs. She’s so mean she hires some friends to beat Mia up and to smash her violin. They also attack her deaf friend (a busker), sending him to the hospital.
    Mia is torn inside now, she weeps, she feels lonely and rejected… she really created a strong bond with the busker. She doesn’t feel like partaking in the contest but then she changes her mind: she tapes her violin, stands up on the stage in name of her hurt friend and plays. She closes her eyes while she plays, and sees her past abuses; the cocoon turns into a butterfly as she acquires strength, she is free to express her music.
    In the end, she bends her head in defeat, the audience are speechless, but when she raises her head, she sees all the people giving a standing ovation.
    Kirsten is left fuming.

  4. Savanah loves music. She finds in it a way to escape from her daily struggles. Life isn’t easy for her. Well, life is never easy for her deafen. Especially when you have enemies, like Amanda. All of us have enemies, people that even without reasons hate us, envious, unscrupulous, shallow people. Savannah is really talented at playing the violin. She was a lonely girl, as long as she met Stephan, a busker she saw once playing in the street. Stephan understands her better than anyone else, because he’s deaf too. They create a strong bond and often play the violin together. Stephan give Savannah a violin, because she is a poor girl, and she can’t afford it. Some days later, there is a classical music contest. Savannah works hard and want to take part in it, but so Amanda does. Amanda is good at playing the piano, she has private lessons because she’s rich and spoilt and she can afford them, but she’s really afraid of Savannah’s natural talent, so she starts bullying and abusing her and hires some criminals to smash Savannah’s violin and to beat up the poor innocent Stephan. All Savannah’s hopes suddenly collapse and she feels empty and worthless, because without music and her friend she feels like she’s nothing anymore and she also weeps for a long time. Amanda thinks she’s reached her objectives and feels satisfied with it. But it isn’t the end. Anyway, after some deep thoughts, Savannah decides to partake in the contest, especially to revenge Stephan. She fixes up her violin by taping it and goes on the stage. She starts playing and, while she is doing this, she recollects her past memories. By doing this she acquires strenght and has a wonderful performance. She feels free like never before, as a butterfly that flies out from the cocoon. Her performance leaves the audience speachless. All the spectators stand up and clap for her. At first, she thinks she’s failed, because she couldn’t listen to the applauses, but when she raises her head, she is giddy to know that everyone loved her performance. While Savannah is very exited, Amanda, who saw what has happened, leaves the theatre in defeat. This story teaches us that it doesn’t matter if your life isn’t easy, if you have an objective, you have to work hard and try to archieve it, because only by doing it you can feel satisfied with yourself. So…come on, let’s follow Savannah’s example!

  5. My story

    Violet is a poor girl who loves playing the violin. She’s bullied by one of her classmates.
    Whitey is rich and spoilt and she is good at playing the piano. She hates Violet because she believes that her can be a possible rival.
    One day Violet sees a busker and she is amazed of him. From that day on she comes back to see him and, when he finishes his performance, he tells her with the sign language to come close. At that moment she understands that the man is like her. Silas is his name and he is deaf like Violet. Silas starts teaching her the importance of the music, which is the only way for them to express theirselves.
    Everyday after school Violet performs with Silas and she becomes very good at playing the violin. She enrols in a classical music contest where participate even Whitey.
    Whitey is very furious and hires some bullies. They attack Violet and Silas and smash her violin, so she can’t take part to the contest.
    At the hospital Silas convinces her to go and win for him, so she runs to the theatre just in time. When she starts playing the violin, which was taped, the public remain silent, because she puts all her emotions, feelings, all her story into the melody. And, while she is playing, she acquires strength and the cocoon that she was becomes a beautiful butterfly.
    When she finishes, the public give her a standing ovation, but she can’t hear so she thinks that she has lost and bends her head in defeat. But she can’t believe that she has won when she raises her head.
    Whitey is fuming but Violet is very happy for once in her life.

  6. You don’t need words to speak, you don’t need hearing to hear.
    Arika is a deaf girl who loves music but she never has the brave to follow her passion because Meishy always tries to make her feel blue.
    One day Arika meet a busker, Miaghi , who is deaf too and who was playing the violin; she is really fascinated by him because she tries to translate the body language in music but she is sad too because she really wants to learn how to play the violin and she feels different from all the others.
    Miaghi tells her to follow her dream, her heart and he gives her the strength to go on.
    Meishy is rich,she plays the piano and she has a personal teacher.
    Arika is poor, she feels lonely and she can’t afford an expensive instrument but her soul is full of passion and love…
    Both of the girls decide to show their cleverness so they take part to a Classical Music Contest.
    Few days before the contest Meshy hire some guys to bit up Miaghi and broke Arika’s violin: she is destroy and she doesn’t know what to do…
    The day of the competition Meishy has a wonderful exhibition and she is convinced to win but at the end Arika decides to take part to the contest not for her self, but to satisfy her friend and to rebel against people who hurt her.
    Her performance is amazing and she win thanks to her determination and her fortitude.

  7. Yuko is a young girl, but she isn’t like the other teenager, she is a special girl, with a hide talent, but she doesn’t know it already. She attends a music high school, but the life there isn’t easy like seems: she is victim of bully from a eavy girl: Corinne. Corinne feels stronger because she is rich and she can aford a personal teacher to learn to play the piano. But it isn’t the only reason why she feel so strong towards Yuko, indeed, she has a big problem, she is deaf. Although the deafness, she is a brillant violinist even she learnt to play it individually. Corinne continues to mistreat Yuko and she atrikes morally. One day, the heroine meets an important person for her life. When she was walking, a beautiful melody recalls her attention. The melody of a violin. She comes near a crowd and in the middle there was a deaf violinist like her! After the performance, they strart to speak about the girl’s life and the man, called Stradivarius gives many value advices to be safer. After the discussion she fells better and safer than before and she restarts to play the violin better than ever. But when Corinne sees this improvement immediately is blinded by jelous and decides to hit Stradivarius and smash her violin. Whithout violin she couldn’t attend to the contest. But suddenly, she sees her past abuses and she aquires strenght to play with the taped violin in front of the audience! She apears like a defenseless caterpillar who transforms in a wonderful butterfly! At the end of the performance she rises her head and she sees not only waves of ovations, but also Coinne defeat! This makes Yuko very proud of herself. This is worth of her goodwill and thanks the tips of her dear friend.

  8. Chris is a deaf girl, but she loves play violin. Due to this handicap she is bullied by Lya because is jelous of her talent.
    A day Chris met Mark, a poor man that is deaf too and plays violin in street. He is a buscker. They became friends and Chris plays the violin with the man to train for a classical music contest.
    Lya discover Chris and sends her some unscrupolous men that attack her and Mark and smash her violin. she is dispaired because she isn’t rich enough to buy another violin. so she can’t partecipate to the contest. But Mark wants her partekes.
    The day of the contest arrives and Lya is the last contestent. Suddenly arrives Chrisand plays her taped violin. During the peformance she remembers the abuses. she is free to express all her emotions. She reborns like a butterfly that turns from a cocoon.
    Chris can’t hear the audience applauds and shouts. She has win.

  9. Aaliyah is a young Chinese girl, passionate about music. She attends music school with tons of other people, and among these there is Liz, a pianist who always goes towards her. She is rich and spoiled and constantly prevents her from her passion. She tries to avoid the girl and her bully crew by spending most of her time after school with Richie, an old man, deaf as her.
    They have the same passion for violin.
    Liz and Aaliyah are both preparing themselves for a music contest but the bulky, seeing the deaf girl as threat, attacks her through her gang, which destroys her violin and hits Richie.
    At the hospital feelings of anger and revenge get over herself and she feels the need to go on that stage and perform, even tho her violin is broken.
    The day of the concert Liz performs in a splendid way, but as soon as everyone thought it was over, Aaliyah took her skotched violin, got up on stage and let everyone speechless, Liz too.

  10. Haniel is a young girl, one in an ocean of teenagers, except she was born deaf and her passion for the violin grows as her discomfort towards a lonely and voiceless life. Her life is complicated and her classmates don’t help her, in fact she’s being bullied by them, especially by Bela, a rich pianist girl who becomes possessed by envy when she finds out the girl’s hidden astonishing talent.
    Haniel is torn inside by the world’s cruelty by the time she meets Poyel, a deaf busker with whom she creates a strong bond and who teaches her the wisdom of a musician who life had treated unfairly. Soon, he becomes her mentor and her loneliness starts to fade away, feeling less oppressing. Meanwhile, comes the time of a famous classical music contest and the two girls prepare to partake. Bela wants to win at all costs and knowing her rival represents a possible failure to her, she hires some unscrupulous men to beat the busker up and smash the girl’s only violin. Haniel is discouraged, Poyel is in the hospital and she can’t afford another instrument, the possibilities are a few. Bela rejoices and does her best as a contestant, years of hardworking with a private teacher showing, but her smile doesn’t last much as Haniel appears with her taped violin, her strenght regained wanting to redeem her friend’s honor. Flashes of her abuses encourage her to play with all her heart and at the end, even though Bela tried to hit her pointing at the most important things in her life, she is the one who emerges as a winner because although her growth was slow, she bloomed beautifully.

  11. Beatrice is a teenager and her passion is the violin, in fact she’s very good at it, but she has a problem, she’s deaf and this is why she is often bullied.
    One day she’s at school practicing the violin for the classical music contest when Teresa, a rich, spoilt and bully girl, starts screaming to her and, at the end, she throws her easel down.
    When Beatrice gets out of school sees a man playing the violin in the street and she is speachless for his talent. At the end of the performance Beatrice and the man start talking about her problems, then he explains her that it doesn’t matter if you’re different, but it’s important be what you are.
    Beatrice since that moment starts playing the violin with the man until, one day, some guys, hired by Teresa, arrives there to smash her violin and bit up the man.
    Even though her violin is broken, she tapped it to go at the contest and beat Teresa.
    At the contest, while she’s playing the violin, she thinks about what the man told her and this makes her stronger and confident. At the end of the performance the audience gives a standing ovation while Teresa looks at her fuming because she knows that has lost. In this moment Beatrice is very happy and thanks the man because she knows that without him this wouldn’t have been possible.

  12. Bella is a beautiful poor young girl. She loves playing the violin since she was a child. But there is only one problem is deaf and is constantly bullied by Margaret. Margaret is a rich girl that is spoilt every day. She has got also a private teacher that learnt to play the piano.
    Margaret is competitive girl and she wants to win to all costs especially in the race of music of the end of music school. Bella hasn’t got any friends and fell lonely and rejected by all.
    One day meets a street a busker who was also deaf and he plays the piano.
    She is speechless: they begin to talk. She told him her problems and he gave him the rabbits on how to face them to become more confident and tell to her that things are made with that your heart say.
    They became friends and they started to play the violin always together. But Margaret suddenly breaks the violin of Bella and hurts his friend. At the end she decide to fix with tape and although it was not the greatest but she participate at the contest.
    Before starting his performance she thinks at all things that his friend said the things that he lived before .
    She closes his eyes and begins to play following his heart.
    The audience start to clap and Margaret already knows he has lost.

  13. Chloe is a wonderful girl that loves musica, she’ s deaf. She plays the violin.
    One day, Chloe know a busker very good, and decide to ‘speak’ with him for her passion for music, because Meredith, a bully, is envious because Chloe is talented than her, like think Meredith.
    The busker says to Chloe to follow her passion and her heart.
    She eurols like a contestant in a classical music contest; but the day before the contest Meredith, at school, smash the Chloe’ s violin.
    The night of contest, Meredith partake in the contest playing the piano, her passion.
    At the end, Chloe turns up at contest with her taped violin.
    All give a standing for her, and Meredith bends her head in defeat.

    How can a person talk to a violin?! Unless he/she is on drugs :))
    OK NOW, JOKES ASIDE… seriousness


    VIOLIN: ‘you stressed, darling?

    SARAH: A LOT! Me knees are getting weak… I don’t think that getting on stage is a good idea. My heart pounds like crazy!

    VIOLIN: You’ll do fine, calm down. I’m here for you. Remember how you played when you were on the streets with your friend busker? Remember what he said: you have to play in name of your friendship!

    SARAH: Keep me from fainting, please… give me more comforting words!

    VIOLIN: Keep away all the bad thoughts… there will be just you and me up there, stay concentrated and… relax, I’ll do most of the work.

    -ON STAGE-

    SARAH: Now’s the time…

    VIOLIN: Do not look at the audience, imagine you’re alone. Leave the stress and fear behind, let your emotions flow, close your eyes. Now, it’s your time: show them…

    SARAH: Here I go…

    VIOLIN: Yeah… just like that, feel the good vibes… can you feel them?

    SARAH: Ohw, shivers!

    VIOLIN: You’re doing well, love! Keep going!

  15. The story is about Eleonor, a girl passionate about music. Eleonor is so good at plays violins, at school she is bullied by some schoolmates and she have to take part a classical music contest. The girl is pour but talented, her envious contestant is Sarah, a rich and spoilt girl, she has a privet teacher and Sarah want to win at all costs, because she’s so unscrupulous. One day Eleonor sees a busker that plays the violin, when he finish to play, she understands that he is deaf, like her and between them is create a strong bond. Eleonor and her new friend David, performance together. So Sarah sees in Eleonor one potential rival and abused her with some bullies and they smash her violin and beat up David. Sarah thinks that Eleonor will never performance but to take a revenge on Sarah she walks on the stage and do an amazing performance. All the publish give a standing ovation and when she raise her eyes she can’t believe it and her contestant is speechless and fuming.

  16. And then, before the principal moment the violin and the girl exchange with theirself a special moment.
    It is as if the violin had taken life.
    It is as if the started comunicating.
    “Thank you for bringing me so far, if I’m here now, it’s all thank you.
    You are the only satisfation in my life”.
    And the violin responds to her with a beautiful tender melody:
    “And I’m very lucky to be played from a fantastic violinist like you”.
    And after the impeccable performance they say toghether: “WE DID IT”.

  17. Sarah:My poor violin! Are you ok? Are you sure yopu want play?
    Violin:Yes… but don’t strech the string enough.
    Sarah:Ahahah. Sure, now is time to get on the stage and leave the audience speechless.
    Violin:Yes, let’s go.
    Sarah get on the stage.
    Violin:Close your eyes and free all yours emotions.
    Sarah:I’ll do it.
    Sarah starts to play the violin thinking about the past.
    Violin:Good Sarah, make them feel what you’ve felt.
    Sarah finishes to play.
    Sarah:We did it…but why are they so quiet? I’ve failed?!
    Violin:No Sarah, you were fantastic.
    The public stands up and applauds.

  18. It was the day of the contest. I wasn’t su’re if I should have done that but I hadn’t other choice: I owe that to Richie , I need to do that for him. I entered the building and I saw her: she was wearing a red dress and had her hair una pony tail. As soon as I saw her o moved into the next room, I change my clothes and sit on the white couch and grab my violin, my old, taped, lovely violin.

    “I can’t do it. She is way better than me, I can’t reach her level. ” Aaliyah says to the instrument almost sobbing.

    “You’re a fighter, Aaliyah! you are better than her. She forces herself to learn how to play the loano perfectly but you have a bonus: that burning passion inside you. You do this for you, not to please others. Don’t hesitate to go on that stage!” The violin encouraged her.

    As soon as I got on the stage I gave my soul on that exhibition: there was only me and my violin.

    Violin: ” you can do this! ”
    Aaliyah: ” I will do this. I promise you, violin. I promise you, Richie.”

    1,3,3,4.. I felt the vinration of the strings while playing that beautiful melody and my violin repeating every single note ” la, sol, si, fa, fa, …” When I stopped at the end of the exhibition with a sudden movement. I was frozen in that moment and when I raused my head o realized that everyone was clapping and I’ve never heard such a powerful vibration from people around me in my life.

    “You did it! I’m so proud of you!” Said the violin and when I turned around I saw Liz at the end of the room staring at me with a mix of anger and amazement in her eyes. My lovely violin was right: passion can bring you to the highest spot. I felt like a butterfly leaving her chrysalis.

  19. pair B: write a dialogue between the girl and her rival (wrote with Martina Di Bernardo)

    While Beatrice is in the canteen, Teresa arrives and jokingly she throws away her tray.
    Teresa asks Beatrice:” What? Got a problem?”
    Beatrice is speechless and tired for all these jokes.
    Teresa screams:”You’re just a useless, deaf, stupid girl! Why are you here? You’re only wasting your time!”
    After that Beatrice is scared by the face and gestures of Teresa and she starts crying and sobbing.
    So sche runs away while Teresa keeps shouting:”Yep, yep run away, nobody needs you.” And then all the students start laughing.

    The dialogue between the violinist and the violin itself
    I’m going to the contest, I’m wearing a long white dress and I hold my taped violin firmly in my right hand, “Play well! We can do it!” I say to the violin ” Yes, we can. I’ll do my best” the violin replies.
    I am on stage now.
    I can feel all the people’s eyes on me, but this doesn’t matter.
    I’m here to show what I am and beat Teresa.
    My performance starts.
    I close my eyes and I start playing the first notes.
    “Yeah, nice beginning” I say
    “I know, but the best is coming”
    After that, my song is like an explosion, I start playing it faster and the melody is really nice. I’m playing the violin with all the strenght that I have.
    “Wow, we’re really good!”
    “Yeah, I can hear that you’re playing me with passion.”
    “It’s like if all the bad things that happend to me are going away. I feel free.”
    “Good. Keep like that, we can do it!”
    “Yes, we can do it!”
    The performance ends. After some seconds of silence the audience gives a standing ovation.
    I can’t believe it! I’m so happy!
    “We did it!” I say excited to my violin and he replies laughing.
    I can see Teresa fuming, this means that I beat her.
    I got my revenge.

  20. My story:
    «Oh my darling, what have they done to you? I’m really sorry. And now… What I should do? I should get on the stage? If I’ll do that, the gang would probably hurt us again! Oh my God, I don’t know what I should do!» said Dayanara.
    «You are better than them! Don’t worry Daya, if we’re together, nobody’ll hurt us. Together wa can do that!»
    «Who are you?» she asked, afraid.
    «I’m Violet, tour violino. Darling, you nave talent, don’t waste tour opportunity.»
    «But… You’re smashed!» she said.
    «Ehi, there is some scotch, you con tape me!»

    «Ok, let me drive you. You should feel the music inside you. You’re gonna be awsome!»
    «Let’s do it!»

  21. story
    There’s a young girl, named Liza, who plays very well the violin. Althought she’s deaf and poor, she attends a music school.
    This talented kid is bullied by an envious girls, Eylene, who plays the piano and sees Liza as a rival.
    Liza finds a refuge in his new friend Carl, a deaf busker, who also plays the violin, who reassures and spurs her.
    Before a competition Eylene hires some people to hurt Carl and, in consequence, Liza’s psiche. In the middle of the beating Liza’s violin got broken, so she cannot partecipate to the competition.
    Eylene does a great exibition, but in the end, surprise, Liza enters: she repaired her violin and decided to take part of the competition in honour of Carl.
    During the play, Liza puts all her past emotions into the song, doing a wonderful exibition.
    She can’t hear it, but in the end the public gives her a standing ovation: finally it’s her moment to shine.

  22. Dialogue between a girl and her violin

    “My dear violin, how maltreated you have been by those violent people! And also Carl, I’m very worried about his conditions… you just need some tape and you’re new, but Carl… I’ll dedicate him this exibition, I hope he’ll get better”
    “My dear Liz, I’m sure he’ll get better soon. Just play the best you can, and win this competition for him and for yourself”.
    “And now, the last contestant, Liz!” announces a voice.
    “Ok, it’s our moment. Don’t disappoint me”
    “I won’t, Liz, I promise”.
    She enters.
    “Oh my God, there are so many people! Please, my dear violin, support me”.
    She starts playing.
    “Can you remember all the moments we spent together, my dear violin? You were there when Eylene kept on bulling me, you were there when I met Carl, you were there when they beat him up… And you’re here now, always with me to make me feel better. Thank you for that”.
    She finishes playing. The crowd starts a standing ovation.
    “See? They love you. Now it’s your moment. Your moment to shine, my dear Liz”.

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