Create your own commercial

The objective of this workshop is not that of having an ethical approach to what some commercials do or do not do, it is not that of disclosing to you the tricks of the trade (advertising).  We just want to have fun and devise our commercial, by choosing the soundtrack, the catchphrase, the brand name and most of all by writing our own script.  Before we delve into all this, let’s start from some very basic question I would like you to discuss in pairs.

What gives you happiness/pleasure/a sense of deep joy and satisfaction with yourself?

If you were asked to define happiness, what our your definition be?

You are going to watch two commercials of a brand of mineral water.  As I pointed out we are not going to analyse the absurdity of buying water (a free resource that should belong to everybody), nor are we going to analyse the techniques used by the advertiser to seel us the advertised product.  We are going to watch the two commercials and jot down our emotions and feelings.  If possible try to jot down what some of the individuals in the two commercials are thinking.  What is the possible bubble speech of the ones the camera zooms on?

You are a film director and you have been asked to shoot a commercial for a brand of mineral water.  Who would you cast?  Why? What soundtrack would you choose?  Why?  What would your catchphrase be? Why?  Evian: live young is very effective and this is the reason why the advertisers chose children and a very lively and “fizzy/sparkling” rhythm.  Rewatch the commercials, think of the impact they have on you as a viewer, try to analyse the soundrack, the actors, the catchphrase.  Then start working on yours.  Try to be really precise in the script you are going to write.  No dialogue, just descpritions.  Your script will end up in the hands of potential professionals in the field of advertising who must it clear in their minds what your final product (=commercial) must look like.

Have fun and be creative!

If at home  you want to hone your script, you can browse these webpages:

You may be interested in watching this guy.  He is great and gives great tips: