Views on Education


Look at the image.

  1. What do the hammers look like?
  2. What does “you’re just another brick in the wall” mean in your opinion?
  3. What do you think the hammers stand for?  And the wall?
  4. Why do you think the artist that created this image decided to draw two hammers inside a TV set?
  1. What do the teachers look like?
  2. What attitude do they reveal about school?
  3. How does the male teacher interact with his students?
  4. What does he do to the young boy? Why?
  5. How does the young boy react?
  6. What subject is he teaching?  How is he teaching it?
  7. What is the link between the henpecked husband at home and the ruthless vicious teacher at school?
  8. Why do you think the kids are marching in a line and then they are wearing a mask?
  9. The song, written by the bassist of the Pink Floyd in 1979, is a protest song against rigid schooling in general and boarding schools in the UK in particular.  Do you think this song is still contemporary? Why (not)? Do you happen to know of any other songs that make a statement about the educational system?  If you were asked to write a song to raise your concerns, objections or praises of the Italian educational system, what would it be like?  Think of the tune, write down some ideas.  You are not expected to write the whole lyrics.
  10. Write a short essay in which you point out how far or similar your school is to the one depicted in the video and sung in the Pink Floyd’s famous hit; the things that you would change in your school; the way you interact with your teachers and possible ways to improve your relationship with them.

These questions may help you focus better on the topic of the essay:

What is education to you?  What is your ideal school?  How would you improve your school?  What do/don’t you like about your school?  Why? (remember that trying to look at things through different perspectives will help you acquire a better undertanding of things.  This means that you should look at the things that work and do not work in your school through the eyes of the students, the teachers, the janitors, the headmaster)  If you were a teacher how would you teach?  If you were the headmaster of your school what would you do to create a better school?

Teachers  by Michael Rosen

Rodge said
“Teachers” they want it all ways
You’re jumping up and down on a chair
or something
and they grab hold of you and say,
“Would you do that sort of thing in your own

So you say “No”
and they say
“Well, don’t do it here then”

But if you say “Yes, I do it at home”
they say
“Well we don’t want that sort of thing
going on here
thank you very much”

“Teachers, they get you all ways”
Rodge said

Read the poem again and answer the following questions:

  1. How many voices do you ear in this poem?
  2. Through whose eyes do we see the situation?
  3. What situation is described in the poem?
  4. What does “teachers, they get you all ways” mean?
  5. What is the point raised in this poem?
  6. Does this poem depict a kind of teacher you have been exposed to or does the described teacher belong to the past? Support your answer.
  7. What are the typical “requests”, “reprimands”, “complaints”, teachers make in class?
  8. Who do you think is right? The student or the teacher?
  9. What do you think of your and your classmates’ behavior in class? What is it like? How do your teachers respond to it?  Does it change from subject to subject?  In what way do your teachers “correct” your behavior when at school or in class?

Poem written by a teacher of English based in the United States.

“A Poem About Education” by Frank Williams

Education is not the filling of a pail,

But rather a fire that grows beyond control,

With flames that burn and reach high,

And contribute the pieces of your whole.

The more you attempt to learn,

The more you will come to know,

The more you will get better,

And the more you shall grow.

So don’t ever give up,

And don’t ever give in,

For you will have to fail,

Before you can win.

Unless perfection is something real,

Unless you and enlightenment meet,

Unless there is nothing more to know,

Learning is never truly complete.

Live a life of learning,

Be a student through and through,

Let your flames burn bright,

And aspire to maximize your E-D-U!

Reread the poem and answer the questions:

  1. What is education to the speaking “I”?
  2. What are the tips that the speaker gives?
  3. Why should a teacher be a “student through and through”?

1.       Look at the cartoons and speak about them.  Discuss what point they want to make.

2.       As a student do you agree with the problem they raise?

       cartoon 1

cartoon 2

cartoon 3

cartoon 4

    Watch the following slam poem and try to jot down the following: who is addressing whom and why?  Who is the speaking I? Where is he and with whom?  Who is he responding to and why? What is the point he is making? Then rewatch the performance and try to think of the features of slam poetry.  How does it differentiate from poetry written on a page?

A Teacher’s Slam Poem!

This is the cartoon version of the above slam poem!

slam on teacher

These are the words of the poem:

What Teachers Make
by Taylor Mali

He says the problem with teachers is
What’s a kid going to learn
from someone who decided his best option in life
was to become a teacher?

He reminds the other dinner guests that it’s true
what they say about teachers:
Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.
I decide to bite my tongue instead of his
and resist the temptation to remind the dinner guests
that it’s also true what they say about lawyers.
Because we’re eating, after all, and this is polite conversation.

I mean, you’re a teacher, Taylor.
Be honest. What do you make?

And I wish he hadn’t done that— asked me to be honest—
because, you see, I have this policy about honesty and ass-­‐kicking:
if you ask for it, then I have to let you have it.
You want to know what I make?
I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could.
I can make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honor
and an A-­‐ feel like a slap in the face.
How dare you waste my time
with anything less than your very best.

I make kids sit through 40 minutes of study hall
in absolute silence. No, you may not work in groups.
No, you may not ask a question.
Why won’t I let you go to the bathroom?
Because you’re bored.
And you don’t really have to go to the bathroom, do you?

I make parents tremble in fear when I call home:
Hi. This is Mr. Mali. I hope I haven’t called at a bad time,
I just wanted to talk to you about something your son said today.
To the biggest bully in the grade, he said,
“Leave the kid alone. I still cry sometimes, don’t you?
It’s no big deal.”
And that was noblest act of courage I have ever seen.

I make parents see their children for who they are
and what they can be.

You want to know what I make? I make kids wonder,
I make them question.
I make them criticize.
I make them apologize and mean it.
I make them write.
I make them read, read, read.
I make them spell definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful
over and over and over again until they will never misspell
either one of those words again.
I make them show all their work in math
and hide it on their final drafts in English.
I make them understand that if you’ve got this,
then you follow this,
and if someone ever tries to judge you
by what you make, you give them this.

Here, let me break it down for you, so you know what I say is true:
Teachers make a goddamn difference! Now what about you?

(taken from

What would a student’s Slam Poem be like?

Think who you want to address and why.   What are you protesting about/objecting to? Remember to use some real dialogue in your slam poem, as you saw in Taylor Mali’s slam (the words in italics!).  Then remember that you need to perform it before an audience.  Think of your voice and think of your body movements too.

Watch the following video by an expert on education. Jot down the ideas and considerations that strike you and be prepared to use them to give a speech to the Ministry of Education in which you emphasise the weak aspects of the euducational system in Italy, the urgent measures that should be taken to better it.

What would you expect the Prime Minister of your country to say about education?  If you were the Ministry of Education of Italy, what positive aspects would you highlight about our system?  What the aspects to be improved?  Listen to Barack Obama’s speech and see whether his ideas on education somehow match yours.

Has any of your classmates ever had a tirade (a long angry speech criticizing a teacher) in class?  Watch the rant (complain loudly and angrily about something) of an American student in Texas.  What is he complaning about?  Who is he addressing?  What happened to him? The person he attacked verbally?  What do you think of this?  Do you deem it proper or improper to complain about your teacher’s appraoch to teaching in this way?  Why (not)?  Now imagine a teacher you did not appreciate because of his/her lack of enthusiasm, or his/her laid-back attitude, or his/her detached relationship with students.  What would your rant be like if you were given the chance to have one?

This is Andreea’s attempt at slam poetry.  Her slam poem about education has been published in the comments.  Enjoy it!


47 thoughts on “Views on Education

  1. Poem based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s “Rong Radio Station”

    As my heart’s battered and burned
    Pain cannot be disguised
    and I’m afraid I will never
    reign my-self again.
    Am I a mindless freak?
    Do I have to doubt my sanity?
    Should I fear every urge and need?
    Should I get rid of my sexuality?
    Is there nothing you live
    die for,
    risk for,
    glee for?
    Is it that I’m short sighted
    and I cannot see that
    there’s no part in you that
    needs me
    but just takes me for granted
    as if I were a babbling commercial on sticky cheese?
    Should I dance to your music?
    Breathe to your rhythm,,
    ease my conscience, would you?
    after forming an axis of evil
    against my own soul.
    I can’t see what it’s wrong with me.
    Maybe when you sedate me
    we could take things seriously
    you can be my ally for a while,
    unitl I pay you back for that non-sense bugging


    Teachers…with their stuck-up expressions, rolling their eyes as the last lazy USELESS black sheep jogs into the room, hurriedly apologizing and making up some LAME excuse for being late. I snort make us sweat out an exlanation.
    Jeez…at least we can work out our imagination. I don’t know about you, but me? I’d rather plug my ears and listen to the hellishER band on the block than soak up another preach about the wimps that occupy the hot seat next to the desk (which, by the way, believe me, after FIVE hours of class still looks like a giant furnace ready to eat you alive and swallow you whole if you even DARE to leave crumbs or even FINGERPRINTS on it! And, GOD HELP YOU to not EVER cross paths with the evil-eyed Janitor who will stab you if you DARE try to hunt her down, seek her out downn endless halls to ask her for a recorder, chalk or even a mare peek in the now closed room where you have forgotten something. Probably you will hear her scream: “Where was your mind?! Have you left it at home?!”) And beware that there’s a dress code. So, you won’t be picked at just by your own KIND (the empty-headed harsh heartless people your age) but even by those adults that don’t know the difference between what LOOKS GOOD on them and what they SHOULD wear. Your bacpack too will be put under scrutiny. Not even your MOM will have something left to say after they’re done with you. Sad to say that gossip spreads fast and now she can notice that your backpack is so dirty and slimy and scribbled and BLEAH WHAT’S THAT BROWN THING ON THE STRAP???!?!
    And believe me, we students try so hard not to BOTHER you ADULTS, with your contrite and worn-off expressions and grim growls that we’ve learnt to walk on thin ice. It’s funny how the most PETTY joke makes you smile, or how even just asking you, from HUMAN BEING to HUMAN BEING, a simple “What’s up?” lightens your mood. You see. It overjoys us. You’ve made us understand that there’s power in words. For Christ’s sake! Thank you for making us WANT to walk on water (just to flee you)! If it weren’t for you GRUMPY people we would have never learnt how to survive to refusal.
    Rejection. Retreat. Regrets.
    So thank you for making us cope.
    For the PASSION you put in making us want to eat each other like a pack of wolves but all the while showing kindness, driving back the stray sheep into the safe shelter.

  3. Poem based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s “Rong Radio Station”

    The frequency of this (wrong?) music
    makes me feel wrong & ill (do you think I should take the pill?)
    or a choice, a mad one maybe?
    All I hear is wrong, pure illness;
    cure me with your voice, THE ONLY PILL THAT WILL EVER WORK on me.
    Let’s cry out my illness, my madness.

  4. Poem based on Benjamin Zephaniah’s “Rong Radio Station”

    I needed to put a hit-list
    for my way to peace.
    Battered with commercials, middle east, bad men, wrong voices, mad choices, pop stars…
    I’m educated…I just could not see what is wrong with me…a wrong ruler gave me a white pill
    to control my confidence
    I NEED to break FREE!


    YOU YOU YOU is what school doesn’t matter.
    I say what instead of who,
    because some teachers use us
    as buckets
    and not the one to fill with your last intimate desires,
    because by doing this they would surely involved me during all their lessons!!
    showing me what could realize them,
    but actually they make become my curiosity greyer and greyer, they don’t lighten it…

    And when they asked: ‘Are you there? Have you understood the things I’ve just explained?’
    They leave you simple few seconds to reflect, as they know that the things they’re telling are so simple to understand or as knowing that the things told ar all dry crap.
    And when miraculously in those seconds you get to ask your questions,
    what’s their obvious reply: ‘ Oh, so you haven’t listened to me carefully…’ or ‘That’s a stupid question. Don’t waste my time please.’
    Please!! please!! Please be moree human…
    Ok from my point of view we all have a rich value, for the fact that we exsist…
    but please a bit of empathy, the creatures alive in front of you in the this present aren’t first of all more important to care than the one who’s not in front of you, such as the one who’s dead lots of years ago?
    Before starting to bomb us with only external knowledge try to dig for our innate one by asking what’s up to your students one by one, as an ex.
    I think in this way there would be less sleepy faces.

    In addition I ask you to dedicate at least 2 lessons to talk about the importance of school, because in Italy it is not our decision to come to school, but the state one, from our age of 3…
    Or every morning people would prefer to stay in their bed than to wake up, travel by bus and sit in chairs to bloody their ears.

    Oh I forget their tricky question: ‘According to you…what is..?’ It’s sure that your interpretation isn’t right. Because there is only one interpretation for them, their interpretation. They have difficulties to accept different points of view.
    With Lowe XO XO gossip Aissa


    “School is beautifull!” They say..
    Everybody wants it and reproach you how lucky you are to go to school. Yes, if teacher succeed in making it how it should be! But no, they are always ready to hinder your career and remembering you that for them you are nothing, just a number. They don’t waste their time remembering your name! Whats the mettar?! It isn’t so important!
    They’re always ready to ridicolize you towards your friends and classmater because the only way they have to feel powerfull is to scream in front of you and make you feel ashamed or to reproach you the school you chose isn’right for you! That’s because you don’t study enough, even if you sped 3 hours a day studying and doing exercizes. NO, according to them IT ISN’T ENOUGH!
    But you know what? I DON’T STUDY ENOUGH??
    Maybe I will apply more if someone do explaine the lesson intead of give chapters and chapters to study alone at home without have explain ANYTHING!
    Or maybe I will apply more if you, you who are smarter than me, you who are only wasting your time because I’m just losing my money and heat my chair doing like that! Yes baby, if you can make the lesson interasting intead of say that doing lesson with me is boring, maybe the students will start to love the school and your subject!

  6. This post is very interesting and Andrea’s slam’s just brilliant. Well done!! Keep it up and never give up believing in the power of … WORDS.

  7. Education mean teach to someone good manners. Our parents give us education every day because they teach us how to be kind with other people or table manners. i think education is very important for make a good impression of you.
    My ideal schoolas a place where Teachers and students are happy togheter and you can study without pressures, the Teachers are not very strict and there is a group of student which work with the head master for make the school better.
    Grigoletti is a fantastic school: the Teachers are quite good and the organisation is perfect. is difficult find something to improve. I think the bathrooms must be more controlled because at the end of the week there isn’t any paper and some bathroom are broke.
    I like the bar of my school because if you don’t have food you can buy it. There are also some foodmachines and coffeemachines.this is fantastic!
    I don’t like when every year we change some teachers because every time is difficult trying to know the new teacher.
    If i were a teacher, I would be not very strict, because if you are strict the students start hating you and they don’t do their homework. Instead, if you aren’t strict the students have funny in your lessons and their do the homework with more diligence. My tests wouldn’t be very long because every student must have time to think. And finally my lessons wouldn’t be all about the subject; sometimes I would teach to my students something important about the life of every day because they have to learn more about the life which is difficult sometimes.

    • Emma it seems that being strict is a negative quality in a teacher. Don’t you think, though, that some students may take advantage of a teacher who is “soft”, “understanding” and “fun in class”?
      You seem to love the vending machines in our school. I appreciate there are so many, but do remember that most of the food sold in them is “junk food”. Don’t you think that the school should make something to make sure that the food sold in vending machines is healthier?

  8. In my opinion education is a means to transmit knowledge, skills and competence, Education is very important because without it we can’t deal with life’s adversities. I also think that education is freedom. In my school we have a good education and I wouldn’t improve my school. About it I like the fact that allows us to do extra-curricular activities such as doing repetitions after school or musical activities.
    There are two things that I don’t like about Grigoletti: some teachers and the fact that in the bathroom there isn’t enough toilet paper or sapon.
    If I were a teacher I would be really strict with my pupils because I’m impatient and if I were my teacher I wuould leave my job as soon as I can because my class is noisy and sometimes impolite. By the way, as I say, I would be strict and I think I would have preferences with the pupils who would seem sympathic to me.

    • Read Emma’s comment! You have different views altogether. Yet, you both mention the fact that in the bathrooms there is not enough toilet paper or soap. Why don’t you complain about it? Do it officially, through the students’ spokespeople.
      I think a good teacher must be flexible and should never show who his/her favourite students are. It would hurt the other students’ feelings, don’t you think?

  9. Education is a right that must have everybody, but unfortunatly nobody respect this right.
    The education will be always important in our life, will be a vaggage the could be usefull in every moment. We always complain that the school is boring, that starts so early, but we don’t think that we are lucky, because for some teenagers would be fantastic go to school but for some reason (economic problems, sometimes they work to do the war…) they haven’t this possibility.
    But in my mind I have an idea about how school could be more interessant and funny to us: I think that thare are so many subjects and that we should study just what is important to us.
    For example if I choose a language school, we could do only languages that for a person that do this school is more important.
    For me is useless do biology, art, science, or subjects that to us aren’t important and for our future, and sometimes happend that someone lose the year and he/she has good mark in the subjects that to him/her are important.
    I’m happy to have choose the Grigoletti High school, there are the materials an the classroom to work better, I have a very good class.
    I would prefer to have more open teacher, the relationship between teacher and student is very important and in my case just a few teachers do this with us.
    If I were a teacher, I would be more open with my student, maybe I’m saying this beacause mine is a different position now, however a person feels better if there is this relationship between a student and a teacher.

    • You are right when you point out that a language school should have more hours in the subjects of your specialization (English, German and Spanish/Russian/French), yet if you want to become a good interpreter/translator you must highly educated, so you need to possess knowledge of art, literature, biology, maths, etc. How can you not study arts in Italy? How can you appreciate our great past, our roots, if you do not study Latin, Art History, Italian Literature? This is the reason why I disapprove of the Ministry choosing to have you study Latin just for two years!

  10. For me education is knowing the right way to behave in a way that is respectful to other people.
    I don’t think that the general meaning of education is strictly associated to school education.there are poeple who didn’t attend an university,but they studied a lot by themselves and they are really culturead. I also think that there are a lot of people with just basic studies who are more intelligent than some people who hold a degree, maybe obtained with money, power, or anyway not with their abilities.
    My ideal school is a big place, with a lot of windows and a green courtyard,with grass and trees.
    The classrooms are big and luminous, and each one has got a functioning air-conditioner.
    There are a classic blackboard and also an interactive board and a computer.
    The walls are painted in a bright colour,and the students are able to hang posters, pictures and drawings on the walls,to make the room nicer.
    The teachers use an involving method,they leave the sudents free to ask questions, participate to the lesson and propose new topics. The teachers teach with the help of the interactive board, where they can read articles online, watch videos and find a lot of interesting materials that make the students appreciate more the lesson.
    They are comprehensive and try their best to put the students at ease, but they also have a resolute authority and they are able to keep the control of the class.
    They have to create a situation where everybody can talk and ask to repeat or explain again something, but properly, raising his hand and talking about pertinent things, incident to the lesson.
    This is my ideal school, but the most significant part of a school are its students.
    In an ideal school, they should have a correct approach to school, they should be keen to learning new things and attending school projects, respectful eith their teachers and with the school objects and spaces.
    I would improve Grigoletti with putting an interactive board in every room, so everyone can use them when they want. I also think that it would be a good think to divide the classrooms not in classes but in subjects: if every room had its own subject the teachers can decorate the room with posters,objects and things incident to their subjects, making the room more cozy. But I know that this,with all the classes in Grigoletti, would be difficult.
    I would improve the school by encouraging the Teachers to teach not only following the book, but using interactive materials and doing original projects to make them appreciate more the subject.
    I think that there should also be at least an hour in the week where you talk about current events: wars, protests etc, because a lot of people of my age knows everything about the roman wars and nothing about what is happening now in the world.
    I think that the languages teachers,in particular italian teachers, should use, instead of only classic texts, also actual texts, novels and poetry. There are a lot of great modern books and texts, that also have more actual topics with which we could identify more than with Manzoni or Omero ( that are still without any doubt very important for our culture and our story and should be known).
    One of the things I like of my school is its dimentions. It is very big, and it’s also quite new, it seems safe and clean. I also like the Student Secretariat: the clerks are always helpful and kind with the students, and this implies a lot of patients, because we are not always as kind.
    I don’t like the fact that most of the toilets are very often obstructed or broken (but this is a students’ fault), so during the break, if there are only two functioning toilets there is a big queue and you lost all of your break.
    I don’t like the fact that it seems that what is said during the presentation of the Institute Delegates’ plan is never achieved and taken in account by the school Director.
    If I were a teacher, I would be respectful with my students, because respect calls respect. I would teach by explaining a topic, and then using films,videos or texts on the web to involve students more in what we’re studying. I would try to increase their creativity by giving them works where you have to invent and use your mind. I would try to be comprehensive, but I would also mantain the control of the class,and if necessary I would punish my students,if this would make them work better, because I think that to respect you, the students have to fear you a little bit.

    • My dear, I agree with you fully. Think of becoming the Minister of Education or (if you do not like politics) a headmaster. You will certainly contribute to making our schools better places where Education with a capital E would be fostered. Thanks for your post.

  11. In my opinion education is a way to make someone more adult and intelligent; it is important to “build” our future and it helps us to fight with the problems that we encounter in our lifetime.
    My ideal of school is a place where all the pupils are friends and where there isn’t any bulling or antipathy.
    In my opinion Grigoletti could be improved putting more interactive whiteboards in classrooms , enliven the school by changing the color of the walls or larger classrooms.
    The things that I like about my school are: the afternoon classes (to study or to enjoy us reading and writing funny thoughts; another thing that I like is the possibility to play a sport that we like, for example football, basket or volleyball.
    The things that I don’t like aren’t so many and are: going to school on Saturday, having a break of only 10 minutes.
    If I were a teacher I’ll be a kind but not naïve one; I would try to help my students making them some questions and I’d work my students with cards and with the computer, to please their matter.

  12. Education is what we need to grow and to create some space for us in that crazy jungle that is real life.
    My ideal school is a school where you study just what you want, like happens in some places, but I think this is kind of self-defeating because I think nobody would study maths or physics and there would be cut out lots of subjects and so jobs.
    I think the better ways to improve my school would be beginning an hour later, cutting out homework and making like a test a month per subject, just written tests. Trust me, students would be happier, less stressed and more focused during lessons.
    In overall I don’t hate my school, if I could to some changes I would just do things I’ve written up here and maybe hire some new teachers better prepared in some subjects and I would give students a bit longer break because a 10-mins break in five hours is too little.
    The last thing I would do probably is give students from the 3rd year onwards more opportunities to try something correlated to what they study for and help them to fit in the working world.

  13. Education is the eyes we need to see the world better and to understand it. I think everyone should have the right to education guaranteed, otherwise you don’t challenge yourself and you can’t question things. Also, people can take advantage of other people because of their ignorance, and I think this isn’t fair at all. So I’m grateful I have the possibility to learn every day.
    In my school, there are some aspects I appreciate and others I don’t like much. For example, most of the teachers’ method is based only on reading the book, studying and repeating in the oral test, which I think is boring and doesn’t stimulate the students. Instead of this, I appreciate teachers who use different ways of teaching, like using the computer or doing interesting activities during the lessons. I also like teachers who converse with us when we have a problem and help us to overcome it. Some teachers don’t do this and seem to care only about the levels we reach in their subject, but others listen to us and I think this is an important and positive aspect. In my opinion, students too have some problems. In fact, sometimes they don’t respect much the teachers and they profit by them. They should be more honest and coherent.
    In my ideal school, teachers would give fair marks to all the students. It would be perfect if they were strict and comprehensive at the same time. They would talk to their students and listen to them when they have a problem, to face it together by constructive advice. They would also use different methods in class to involve the students and they would believe in them. On the other hand, the students would be respectful, collaborative and more honest and coherent. If I were a headmaster I would try to reach these objectives to improve my school and be proud of my teachers and students.

  14. I was born with the certainty that in three years I started kindergarten, 6 elementary school and 11 middle school. For me, the school and education have always been an obligation, until I chose this school which allows me to study what I like, and then became a right that I had to choose the school and now to study what I like. My ideal school would be one in which there is the seriousness but also the pleasure to go there and be with others.
    I attend the Grigoletti and I think is a very nice school and even serious. For example I am about to leave for Broadstairs and I think this will help me a lot both to grow that to speak better and more easy in English. I also really like the way that the representatives of organization to relate to students. I do not really like my school because it’s pretty far from where I live and that this makes me get up early in the morning and create problems for me to see my teammates more often during the holidays. But I think as an organization, my school is fine as it is.
    If I were a teacher I would be diligent and strict but I would treat my students as if they were my children and I would like in my hours might be careful but also peaceful.
    -Andrea Dreon, 2^N

  15. For me education is when you go to school to learn things that maybe you don’t know. You can improve the things that you already know or you can learn new things. I think that education is a really important things because can help you to find the things that you like and can help you to grow up in a better way. My ideal school is a place where you go and study only the materials that you like. For example I think that history and maths should be obligatory, and the language of the country where we study too; but the other materials you can choose are the ones that you like. I don’t know how can improve my school, but maybe the only thing that I would improve in the would be the way that some teachers teach. And I think that in my school the languages course should be do more hours of languages, for example should we do history or science in English. In my school I don’t like the bathrooms and I don’t like how some teachers teach their material, because they think that we already know how to do an exercise even if we never do it before. But I really like the way that some teachers teach because they explain the argument a thousand times until you understand it perfectly; and I like that the school allows students to do stage abroad. I think that do a stage is a really good for the students, but is difficult for the teachers organize everything. If I were a teacher I would teach a languages, but I don’t know which; I’m undecided between Spanish and English, but I would like to teach both! If I were a headmaster of a school I think that I would be always there for the students and teachers if they had some problems and I will help everybody if they need help.

  16. To my mind education is the key for my future.
    Thank education I can be a woman conscious of my decisions bild my life and be independent.
    I think that the Italian sistem is a good sistem, but my ideal school is without marks.
    Marks make me feel nervous and sometimes If I get a bad mark I feel not enough for the school that I hang on.
    Definitely I’m an anxious type and in a exam not ever I give the 100%.
    Another thing that I want in my ideal school is something similar at a uniform (like sweater or a T-shirt), so all the students are equal! I also want to have more courses in the afternoon like photography, poetry, a bookclub and much more…So I can meet my friends and cultivate a pastime together them.
    In my school I don’t like the colour of the walls, the cleanliness, some laboratories that don’t work (because of the computers), and that in the bathrooms there isn’t toilet paper.
    And If I was a head masters I would solve these problems for improve the school.
    But I have to say that I really love the classes of lenguages (like the class of English) or the classes with the interactive multimedia board, because they give at the lesson more amusement.
    However to be honest I think that the real school are the teachers and If they do their job with passion and hand down this passion at the students, the school may be perfect.
    If I were a teacher I would do lessons with material online, I would a rapport with my students, organize trips and help them with after-school activities.
    I’m sure that with these points the school will be better!

  17. For me education is learn for pleasure just because we want to find out something new, and this “something” could help us in the future, for example at work or when we’re travelling.
    Education is also the possibility to go to school, with your peers.
    Speaking about school, my ideal school would be large enough to use it at best. There should be in addition to regular classrooms, many labors (for example language laboratory, science laboratory etc) so that more classes could go in these labors simultaneously and not four time during the school year for example. I would take care of the sport, with tennis courts and running track outside because I think the outdoor sports is better than that done inside, in the gym. I would also like to change the school time, because not everyone of the student live near the school and they have to wake up early. I would like the lessons start at 9.00 and finish at 2.00p.m and not to go to school at Saturdays. I would remove an hour of math to replace it with an hour of a foreign language, English or German for example. I would like to do a cultural exchange than a year, in states such as America and Canada. This is my ideal school.
    My real school is Grigoletti, in Pordenone. To improve Grigoletti I would like to increasing the afternoon classes, as rehearsals school. I would remove the Saturdays and do the activity sport in the school park, or the near park or the running track outside the school.
    But for the remainder, I like my school because there are labors, not too much, equipped gymnasiums and some courses in the afternoon.
    The only think that I would change in my school are the toilets, because very often they are not equipped at school.
    If I were a teacher, I would teach of course the subject I like best and I’ve studied for these years. I would teach with commitment and passion to make the school and in particular what I teach most beautiful and interessant.

    Tesolin Giorgia 2N

    What is education for me… it’s a difficult question. Education is a fundamental point of the growth of a person; is knowing how to learn behaviors and concepts that you will need in the life… and the school is the most important place to learn. My ideal school is a school where students can express themselves without marks. I think that marks are a bad thing because many students learn for fear of catching a bad mark and not by the desire to learn. In this way the things learned maybe the day before a test to be forgotten the next day, however if we learn to desire to know the things studied will remember forever. Obviously this must be helped by teachers and headmaster. If I were a teacher, I would try to teach in a fun and enjoyable way because I think that the things you learn faster if you are having fun and was happy to learn. But if I were a headmaster I approve of more outputs, less theory and more practice. Said this, I think that my school is a good school. We have the opportunity to do internships abroad and many teachers teach with passion by transmitting it to the students; then I like my school. The only thing missing is the organization. Being a very big school with lack of classrooms many times you don’t know what class to go and classrooms computers available don’t go. Beyond that, as I said, I like my school and I wouldn’t change it.

    To me education is a way to become rich of culture, knowledge and it also builds a person for being aware of own life. I think have a good education is important and help you to live better.
    My ideal school is like an American school: I have to choose the subjects that I want to study. This can help me (or other students) to be prepared better and he/she maybe will study with more passion. School should be without marks because a students can be more motivated for study and he/she has the pleasure of learning something and not study only for geting a good mark.
    I would improve my school putting a LIM in every class and instead of books I would like to use the tablet or a computer. These objects can helpthe students to learn a subject in the best of ways and with many things online. In my school, very few teachers use technology for teaching and I think those who use it are advantaged because students,for me, assimilate better.
    In my school there are few things I like but these are very useful for students that want to improve something they like, for example, in the afternoon there are some english courses that help to learn vocabulary of for liceo linguistico (I think) there are some trips in other countries that may help to improve a language. The thing that I don’t like is the school structure, it’s a little bit sad. I would attach posters, photos and something useful for everybody. Other thing I don’t like is that sometimes students can’t voice their opinions with many teachers. A bad issues for the teachers is putting marks or theaching at students that don’t listen to them. I would turn away these students and I would punish them. If I were a teacher I would be strict, when it’s necessary, but I would teach at my best my subject with many material, different from books. Being a headmaster is also difficult and if I worked as it I would create many opportunities for the students (courses, trips, different classes…) and I would help the teachers to think of projects for students.
    Nowadays we are really lucky to have an education for everybody, in the past only few people could permit to have it and classes were really different.

  20. Education it’s a way of learnig something but it is very difficult to say what it really is because there are a lot of forms of education and and nobody will teach you how to be a good person in the same way, for example the education that gives your mom is a little bit different from the education that will give you at school. My ideal school is with good teachers and obviously good students. I mean teachers that don’t laugh at you if you do something wrong, that help you if you don’t understand something, that treats you like an adult.. and I don’t like votes! Why do you have to judge a student with a number? then, there are lots of teachers that prefers one student and hates another so obviously isn’t very equal whith the votes that tehy give. Obviously, if there is all of this, you have to be a good student and appraciate what you have. I’m very lucky beacuse my school is really beautiful: it’s clean, big, there are computers everywhere, there is a bar.. so I can’t complain! I don’t like some teachers, that for example after a year don’t know our names! How it is possible that they are good teachers? If I were a headmaster i would choose the best teachers and I would abolish votes. And if I were a teacher I would let my students express theirselves, and I would know perfectly all of them!


    Education is freedom!
    If you study, you are educated you cannot be fooled. You think with your head and
    You are strong, because you know what you are talking about. In many countries still
    today, kids are not allowed to go to school and therefore are ignorant and believe in
    what others say is good and what is bad.
    Teachers should teach not only what is in books, but go farther. Reading is very
    important because you can improve your vocabulary, your thoughts and your
    knowledge. You can be creative and imagine scenes while reading along a nice
    book, a book can even be funny.
    We should not have to think all the same like robots. Each one of us is different
    according to our backgrounds and our cultures. Teachers should be able to find our
    strong points and help us develop them. In this way we could be a country made up
    of people with capacities, intelligency, and strongness.
    I think our school should have more freedom on how to teach students. The
    government imposes to the whole schooling system how to teach. It should be the
    school to have the authority to teach how they want to teach. But in the end it
    depends always on who is teaching you wheather you become a great, passionate
    person or a dull, insignificant person. Teachers and parents have a lot of “power”
    over kids. They make us what we will be in the future.
    To me the perfect ideal school is a school without marks, personally I would even
    study more, because I have the time to lear the things in my way, and assemble them.
    Teachers give marks but they don’t know what the mark means to us, a mark can
    change your ideas of the subject or even change your future.
    I don’t like having to go to school on Saturdays. I’d rather stay home with my
    parents. We don’t spend enough time together, beacuse we are all very busy!
    I would prefer to have a school with more hours, but when I get home I don’t have
    any homework to do. In this way I could go to sport and be more healthy, “Mens sana
    in corpopre sano”, I think this would change my relationship even at school, because
    I am more relaxed and happy to learn.
    If I were a headmaster, I would try to be close to kids, in the sense that I would try to
    help those who really need help more than others. Sometimes behind a bad school
    year there is much more! I would be on the side of the students and help them rather
    than leave them to a maybe difficult situation. Especially teenagers need a lot of
    attention. A person who believes in them can make a big difference in their whole
    life! As also one who doesn’t understand them, can be very distructive…

  22. EDUCATION, a big world with one meaning. For me education is how to behave with yourself and with others … so many little things form the education that is the basis of a human being … and must be able to give the parents to their children ..
    Each child has its own character that must be respected and supported , and the parent must set limits , without trying to change the character of the child and making it live in a healthy environment , making him understand , especially with a good example, how to behave in a society , what is good and what is evil , to give you the rules and tips for how to behave in the future .
    Education is also in the school. I think that today’s education in school is very different from that of the past. But the school would be better if there were no marks. You would study to have a culture and not to get a six -fetched .
    I would always be happy and carefree .Instead must measure what we know with a number. Sometimes it seems to me that if you took four you suck , you’re a loser .
    You’ve got eight , better you are intelligent .
    I have got an idea of my ideal school. As I said before a school without grades,
    where you should not be rejected or postponed . I have always wondered why we must reject if you go to school to learn ?
    My school is a school where classes are made up of a few students ;
    teachers do not have some sympathy for or antipathy to others .That’s all.
    About my school I like all the way to teach. I’ve got good teacher. I do not like when the teacher wants us to do the applause to a classmates who has taken 10 ; it will also be good but it is not fair to who took a bad mark.
    But I repeat I’m in favor of a school with no votes.

  23. The education is an element in each person and much more in the school. I think that if your parents don’t quarrel and give you love, you are a good person but if your parents quarrel, your education is bad.
    The school is a place where you must be educated as much as possible because if you are educated and observe the rules, your teachers and your schoolmate are funny and behaved towards you.
    About the school, my ideal school would be medium large and the students would wear an uniform or a T-Shirt with a jacket because so all are equal and wouldn’t be differentiation between them.
    I study in “Liceo M. Grigoletti” in Pordenone and I like it but sometimes I hate it because is too big. So if I were a headmaster, I would approximate all the science and language laboratories and I would help the students if they have a problem.
    But if I were a teacher in my school, I would teach or Spanish or Germany because I love much these subject although is difficult to teach.
    As previously explicate, I study in “Liceo M. Grigoletti” in Pordenone; this is a good school but have some problems, e.g.: the shutters aren’t intact and the classes are spread for long and if you are in the language department and you must go in scientific department, we use a bit of time; so I would build the school in floor but not long but in height.

  24. “Education and school”
    “Education” for me is a real model of behaviour which we should follow because most times it gets taught to us since we were very young from older people who are our parents, teachers or whatelse to make ourselves better people in all the situations of our life.
    Of course there are many exemplars of when education should be used most of all: one of this is at school, where everyone have to keep a good behaviour, showing consequently to have a good education too. To this end I would to explain to you how is my ideal school. I would have a very big school where all the pupils are equal against the teachers and the rules, which I always wuold like to set to get them respected. Teachers should be good at teaching and they should always treating students in the same way, without having preference. On the other hand pupils should be considerate in comparisons of all the people who work in the school where they go; another thing that i would arrange at my ideal school is the meritocracy to students who are good because they work: in my opinion it isn’t fair that a person who always do his duty has got the same credits of a person who instaed do them occasionally or never. I would improve Grigoletti (so like happens in other schools) in the fact that many times we students have overjoyed behaviours, but for me this is also a consequence of too much freedom which gets assign to us to do things. For this reason I would propose to crack down on the rules of education because it’s on school that we learn how we have to behaviour and to compare one another out. The second thing that maybe I would like to institute at my school is the offer to make some opened extra courses where pupils who want to learn a new subject which don’t do in his leaning can study it with a teacher to help him. One thing that i really like about my school is our school time at the first two years because, being this a high school, we have to study lot and with this timetable we’ve got a little more time to do our homework. I (how all the other students, I think,) would be very pleased if this became the communal school time also for the third, fourth and fifth class! About Grigoletti I don’t like instaed the fact that our school haven’t got a real “recovery week” which is a week, in both of terms, where pupils have got some bad marks can recove it having good ones. I think that this would be a very useful opportunity where students who needs this go to school, while students who don’t need stay home.
    I believe that being a teacher isn’t easy, especially nowadays, so if i were a teacher i would try to be a quite strict one because, for me, everyone needs a bit of sterness to be respected, but I would be also a teacher who my pupils can speak and have a comparison with. I would teach all the things which had tought to me and I would try to answer to every question…
    In other words I would like to be how a “mother-teacher” for my students, who is both strict and rigorous or kind and protective.
    Manzato Asia
    classe 2^N

  25. The world education is very important, because everybody should have the right to go to school and learn.
    Every school is different from one another but as a place of education should give all the opportunities to the pupils to improve themselves. In my high school I would add much more activities and laboratories even for people with disability and difficulties. The activities in the laboratories can enjoy all the students. In my school there are many qualified, prepared and efficient teachers, some of them have a desire to teach, then for example, the teachers help us a lot when we are in trouble.
    If I were a headmasters I would organize more school trips and more occasions for the families to meat each other. Even, I would involve many students in the activity in the afternoon where they can interact with other students, in particular with those students that have difficulties.
    If I were a teacher I would teach Spanish language because I really like this subject,and I would prepare some activities based on games of creativity and invention.
    At school we spend a lot of time, and we are fortunate for this,because they give us a lot of opportunities for our future.

  26. I think education is the one of the things we’re mainly in contact with, yet it’s one of the most difficult topics to talk about. To me, education is what we have received from others since we were children, all the things which contribute to make us what we are today. But it is a double-edged sword too. Our brains as young people are susceptible to what adults tell us or to what we listen to on the tv, radio and papers and so they could easily imprint in our minds the ideas they have, in order to steal from us our freedom of thoughts. So adults can either teach us something constructive and how to think properly or destroy our souls forever. When I was a child I always dreamt of becoming a teacher in my future. Only now I realise how difficult this job is. However, if my destiny is to become a teacher, I think I would be a particular kind of them. I would be a smiling one, because I know teenagers have their own problems and it wouldn’t be productive annoying them with mines. Then I would give students break moments during the lessons and above all I wouldn’t give them nothing to do at home, but studying. Then the students who really cares would do autonomously exercises and i would be really proud of them. I would try to discern the “student” from the “person” and I would do my best to be fair and to supporte them. I would rather talking about current events instead of just rules and set phrases taken from a book. But these are only thoughts because now I’m just a common 15-year-old and I haven’t decided what to do in my future yet. I attend Liceo Grigoletti and I’m quite happy with this school. Of course there are some things that I would like to change to improve it. I would introduce scholarships for those who deserve them, I would put a LIM board in each classroom to avoid changes of position, I would put lockers just like American schools where students can leave their personal stuff and I would organise afternoon courses of most subjects for those who want to improve their skills. I think these changes would make Grigoletti a nicer place where we spend 5 years in. Anyway, these things are also a part of how should my ideal school be. I think everyone has an ideal school in his mind, we’re just not used to think of it and we have only the idea that school must always be a terrible hell which takes away from us our precious time. For these reasons I have had some problems wondering how my ideal school would be like, but I finally come to a conclusion. In my ideal school the building is bright, the walls are white and there is also a “special wall” where everyone can write all his thoughts and feelings freely, without being judged, in order to make you feel like an important part of the school. There are large corridors with many personalized lockers along the walls and clean bathrooms. Teachers, janitors and secretaries are always kind and willing to listen to one another and to students. A student can choose which elective lessons and laboratories frequent and there is a huge bar where people can buy sneaks. In addition to normal subject there are other special ones that inspect nowadays’ problems and make us think and question ourselves.

  27. In my opinion, education is one of the most important things in our lives because it helps us to live better and to understand our world.
    I have an idea of my ideal school: the American one. When I was little I used to watch American programmes where there were boys and girls talking about their lives in the middle or high school and I loved it. I loved the idea of having a locker where you can leave your books and don’t have a backache everyday (as we do) and their “tipical’ school day. For example, they must be at school at nine o’clock so they could sleep for more time and every lesson is about 40 minutes. Then at twelve o’clock they have lunch in the school’s canteen and between every lesson they have fifteen minutes to talk with their friends or change and take books. In my ideal school , I’d like to have lockers and more time for ourselves.
    In my school I would improve teachers and their relationship with students. In my opinion teachers should have a dialogue with students.: they should talk more with them and give good marks only for what they study.
    I like a lot of things about my school; for example, I love the bar that we have in the part B of the school. I think we should be grateful of that because only our school and “IPSCT F. Flora” has it. I don’t like the Grigoletti’s structure at all because I think it should be more modern and more colored.
    If I were a head teacher I would “prove” teachers and students before they begin to study and teach in my school. For teachers, I would make an exam to see if they know their subject and for students I would make another to see if they really want to learn. I wouldn’t give marks because I think marks are not equal: some teachers give good marks only if the student is nice to them and I think it’s not fair. Also, I think that you should study to have a culture and not just to get a six or a good mark.
    If I were a teacher I would like to have a good relationship with my students. I would speak with them and try to use many different methods to make them learn my subject. I would always begin and end the lesson with a smile and try to teach my subject better and better everyday.

  28. Education to me is one of the most important right that a human must have because if you are ignorant you wiil not go awayin your life. A person can be the strongest, the richest,the most famous… but if you haven’t education you can’t do nothing important.
    To permise the education Ithink we need to improve our school system. For that I think we need to be more responsible and to open dialogue “theacher-student” and vice versa. We need also, about students, to be heard by teachers and the headmasters, because listen to each other wuold give the impression to us to be able to help in school improvement.
    In Grigoletti, for example I improve the teachers, in the sense that some teachers are not fluent in the subject they teach, and this to me is a big disadvantage in the school. Of course are also advantages in my school, for example i really like the dialogue created in this year by school representatives.
    If I were a teacher I would do anything to let imprinted something to my students because I think it is the most rewarding thing in this job. I know there are some teachers who do this, but not all: there are teachers who don’t care about anything, they want only to receive the salary-
    To grow up we all need to change.

  29. Education is a right. We start to go to school when we are 6 years old and we have to continue until we become 16. Then if we want, we can stop or carry on our studies. But not for everybody education is important. By my own experience, education is very important. My parents have always said to me that school comes first of all and they have always stimulated me to study. I think they are right. School is very important, because you improve yourself and take on your own responsibilities. I am 15 and in those years, I made my ideal of school. I have not other example of schools, so I can’t exactly say if my school is right, but I like the place where I study and I like the subjects. My school is one of the biggest in Pordenone and many teenagers study in it. I have immediately loved the facility of my school and almost all the staff is willing. There are many facilities: four big gymnasiums and two auditoriums. There is a fantastic bar, where the pupils can buy something to eat in the break. In every floor, there are three or four machine where you can take a coffee of buy snacks. I think the snack machine does not be, because is healthier eat a sandwich than crisp, but this is my own idea and I know the many people think I am not right. Instead, I find a good thing the coffee machine, because there are many pupils and teachers that prefer drinks coffee in their break or from a lesson to another. Sometimes when I see the teachers, I imagine myself like them.
    I think I would be a little bit strict, damage pupils that do not do their homework and honour pupils that do it. I think I would be willing and I would try to be like some my teachers that are a model to me. Their lessons are not boring and they are fray. If I were a teacher, I would be like them.

    Well, education is learning new things everyday, learning how to interact with the world. Education is everything we need to become an adult and responsable.
    My ideal school is not that different from what we have in Italy. I think I would change the dress code, I would put a canteen because I would like to not stay at school at Saturday, so there would be classes in the afternoon. It would be like a normal school in England or in the US.
    I would like to do different things during the PE class, like go swimming..
    I really want to ban the worst marks like 2, 3 or 4. They look really bad on your report card. My future depends on these marks, that doesn’t sound really good.
    Oh yes! One of the most thing that I admire from US schools are the different groups, I mean like “High School Musical” or “Mean Girls”. There are drama club, the soccer team, the basketball team, the American football team, musicals etc.. I would love to go to school that look like this, can you imagine? It would be so fun.
    So the first thing to improve Grigoletti would be changing the building because I think that the building makes the different. Our School is big, a good thing, but it is old and I don’t like it at all.
    One thing that I really like about my school is people inside of it. I mean would you like to go to a school where people are rude or impolite?
    The most of time everyone is kind and gentle, I really appreciate it.
    How I would teach if I were a teacher? Well, I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to become a teacher, but a teacher who teaches everything. From Math to PE, literally everything.
    I don’t know if I would be a good teacher but I would be kind, funny but impatience. One thing why I will never become a teacher is my patience.
    But if I never become a teacher, I would listening to them all day, I love listening people and give them advices. So I think that one day or two per months I would sit in a circle and talk with them about everything that it happens to them.
    But all that matters is how you teach and what approach you have with your students. If you work well, you and your students would have a great relationship in a good vibe.

  31. I think that education is something that you learn at school, something important that your teachers instil you. Education is a mix of behaviours and things that you study but also you can learn in the life of everyday. Education is essential for our life, without it we couldn’t have laws and rules and we will live in the chaos. So, education is taught at school, but not always teachers guarantee a correct education. For example some teachers don’t involve students into an active participation to their lessons. Sometimes lessons are not interesting enough. If I were a teacher I would try to engage my students, perhaps with paly-days. I would make some courses in the afternoon to the students who would improve themselves and their talents. I would educate them to the life of everyday. I think that I would be a little bit strict with them because if they copy or speak during the lesson, they don’t learn and waste their time. But I would be proper with students who deserve it. In my school there are a lot of language laboratories and given that I study English, German, Russian and Latin it is great. Sometimes the teachers don’t permit at students to express themselves adequately and so I would like that they were less strict. In addition to this I don’t have other ‘problems’ with my school and I’m happy with it. Sometimes I think about the school of my dreams. It would be like a college where students could attend every lesson they like, a place where I can express myself and do what I like. The building is not so important; obviously there should be the necessary to teach. But probably my dream school is comfortable and convenient, with a big bar where we can buy sneaks, with a theatre for students who want to recite and lockers where we can put everything before the lesson, something like what I see in the American TV series. But to me the most important thing are the teachers. They are a role model for us. They not only teach, they influence us and what we will be like.

  32. I think education is a synonymus of teaching and learning.
    To me, education is what I have received from others (parents,teachers…) since I was a child.
    Education means that every person must follow correct rules everywhere.
    I have got an idea of my ideal school…my ideal school is a school that should teach well but it shouldn’t be too straight and it must be respected.
    To me, Grigoletti is a good school but sometimes some teachers aren’t good at their job but I realise how difficult this job is.
    There are excellent students but also some of them don’t want to study.
    One thing that I really like is that Grigoletti is a very big school with laboratories and it also has the Bar!
    If I were a teacher I would like to work hard with my students and I would like to be loved by them.
    Finally I would make my subject loved by them.

  33. Education to me is when you feel good with yourselves and the other people, a balance that comes out from the desire to learn.
    Although sometimes I get bored at school I think that education is important.
    My ideal school would be a public school open to all students that desire to engage to learn. I do not have an ideal school building, but if I could, I will do more activities where the students are involved.
    I really like if teachers give us a different way to learn : argue among ourselves to share our thoughts, I think it could help us to get mature.
    If I were a teacher, I would try not to get my students boring, I would to attract their attention, I would let them know I am not just a teacher, but even a role model.

  34. “Education in its general sense is a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and or research”. This is the common definition for education, but all people have their own one. In my opinion, education is everything, that is taught by someone or something, that teaches us something of life and therefore that can be useful to us. There are so many kind of education that mentioning them is not necessary, because we can consider even speaking a form of education. I mean that everything is taught: infact, if we think of it, every child learns to speak by looking at other people talking. Therefore I would specify “education” as something instinctive and natural.

    We have already said that there are many forms of education, but we must say even that the most famous one is school. I want to say that, in my opinion, the word “school” should be a synonym of education and vice versa, because in school you always get something that can be considered “education”. And so, if all people have a different definition for education and <> can be considered a synonym of school, everyone must have a different idea of the ideal school: this is mine. First of all, school should motivate you to study, above all if you are attending a secondary school that you have chosen. So if you have chosen a school, the school does not motivate you to study, you do not study, what sense does studying have? It has not sense, indeed. But we could do a lot of things to change school and one of those things is allowing students and teachers to speak their mind completely: that way, every school could find new problems to discuss on, find a solution to solve them and school would become better and better. If this happened, everyone would go to school gladly.

    This is what I would do in my school, because I would like to say one morning: <>. I think that it is difficult, but not impossible. And it would be a big pass for Liceo Grigoletti, my school. But even for the other ones, because, if my school was like that, without problems, people would wonder how can a school not have problems. The answer would be: <>, and maybe this could be the solution to all school problems.

    Fortunately, there are some things that I do like about my school. I am going to say two of them. The first one is that it moves with times: Liceo Grigoletti is the right place to study very interesting subject, because it connects modern to old. The second thing that I like about my school is that there are many people. I love the idea of being surrounded by thousands of students, it is like there was a sort of friendliness in the air, and it makes me feel very happy.

    Then there are even bad things that I do not like about Grigoletti. But, thinking and thinking about it, I finally came to a conclusion: even if this answer can seem laconic, I think that Grigoletti should modernise his building and make it less grey, because, most of the time, grey does not make you feel excited, least of all it does not make you feel excited to go to school. Just this, because, apart from some small problems, that are normal in a school, as the computers that do not work, Grigoletti is the perfect school if you want to study hard and well and if you like staying in contact with a lot of people. This is my point of view, but there must be students at Grigoletti who think this school is not good and I can not say anything, because the opinions of other people must be respected and everyone can think what he or she wants.

    Sometimes, it happens that I ask myself: how would I teach, if I were a teacher? I have thought it for a long time and I came to a conclusion: if I were a teacher, I would be always smiling at my students, because, if a teacher looks at you raucously, it is not so nice. But above all, apart from the books, I would even make my students study extra- scolastic contents and make educative project, because I think that the role of a teacher is not just teaching, but even giving the students a complete education by all the points of view.

  35. to me education is one of the most important things, education is essential for growth, are also the weapons of our future, because one day we will need to work and to become a better person.
    If we didn’t have an education, we would be teased by others, because we will be ignorant.
    My ideal school is where teacher and student speak among them, where teachers have desire of teach, and that teachers give more courage and motivation to students, because ours is a difficult age, also more discussions about life and what happens in the world now, not ever but sometimes, this will help the students to see better the world, but apart this we already live in the ideal school, because we have everything, we are really lucky.
    in the school I like to pass five hour with my classmates and my teachers, especially teachers who love to teach, because they transmit motivation at students.
    I like also the availability of school, because it makes a lot of courses for us, we have also a lot classrooms, as the computer room, the science room, the language room and others.
    If I was a teacher, I would to teach history, because I think that history is very important for us.
    for example the things that happened 200 or 2000 years ago, have ripercussion still now, and is very interesting to know when the human began to write, I like also explain history.
    If I was headmaster I would like create a psychology study, because I think that student have need express themselves. Many students have problems inside and outside of school and they need to confide with somebody.

  36. TEACHERS by Michael Rosen
    1.In this poem I hear two voices: the voice of the narrator and the voice of Rodge.
    2.We see the situation from the eyes of the students,who complain about their teachers.
    3. In this poem there is the description of a kid who jumps on his chair,and the teacher reproaches him asking him if he would do this kind of thing in his own home, and, whichever is his answer, she finds a way to be right and scold him.
    4. For me the “teachers, they get you all ways” means that teachers, no matter what we do, Always have the upper hand, and they have all the means to make us seem wrong in every situation and to make themselves look right, we are in their hands.
    5.The issue raised in the poem for me is that teacher have a very big power on us, they can make us do what they want, and even if maybe in some situations we are right, they can turn things around to their advantage if they want.
    6.This poem depict a teacher I had in middle school. He wasn’t very good at explaining things and in the tests he asked us very complicated reasoning we weren’t able to do with our knowledge. So in the class assembly we raised this problem, and during the first lesson with him after the assembly he told us that we’d better not say those things about him again, because ” he could ruin our lives if he wanted”.
    7.Theachers in class always complain about the fact that we chat while they’re explaining their lesson, the fact we don’t do our homework or we do it with very few diligence, or they complain because we are absent-minded while they talk.
    They often make reprimands about the fact that we could do a lot better if we just tried harder and studied more, and because we are impolite when we talk with our classmates while they are talking.
    8.In the situation described here I think that the teacher is right,but I think that it is used as a metaphor to say that teachers are always able to find their way to make things like they want them to be, even in unfair ways.
    9.I think that my classmates’ and my behaviour is sometimes bad: giggling,chatting and throwing thing and pieces of paper around the class while someone is trying to do his work is very impolite. Our teachers often reprimand us and talk about our behaviour during the Teachers Assembly, and they sometimes give bad marks to someone who disturb the lesson or to the entire class.
    Our behaviour change from subject to subject,or better, from teacher to teacher. There are teacher that we like more and respect more, and they are able to be more authoritary and gain our respect, so it comes easier for us to behave good.

    “A POEM ABOUT EDUCATION” by Frank WIlliams.
    1. For the speaking “I” education is not about filling a container, but about stoking a fire, making it grow well and beyond control, so to educate not means to force someone to have your identical ideas and morals, but making him think about different ideas in a rational way,but leaving him free to develop his own identity.
    2. The author encourage the readers not to give up,beacuse you will never be perfect,you will never know everything, so you can always improve yourself. He also tells that there are Always new things to learn, so you should never stop feeling like a student,never close your mind and your orizons and consider yourself too old or culturate enough to learn something new and accept new challenges from life.
    3.A teacher,in particular, should always be conscious of the world and all the new things, he should never be too methodical and stuck on an antiquate method, he should always learn and invent new things,methods and be open-minded,because there is Always something to learn, even from his students.

  37. Education is a word that we all know its mean, but if someone asks us what is education, not everyone could answer that question, because it is too difficult. If we search the word “education” on the dictionary, we found this “the activity of educating people in school, colleges and universities, and all the policies and arrangements concerning this.”It’s a great definition, but I think that everyone of us has a different idea of what is education. For me education is to have a good manners, to know how to behave in every situation. And sometimes at school, the teachers doesn’t teach you the right education, or they teach it in the wrong way. For example if I was a teacher , I wouldn’t be so strict with my students, and I would teach them how to behave in every condition in life, not only at school. Sometimes I think about it and I create an ideal school in my mind, with good teachers that are “friendly” with students, but I image great students too, that are good with everyone. And, over this things, I imagine a school where students could frequent the classes that they want to, so they would be happier to be at school. I would like more Grigoletti if it was like this, but over this things, I really like my school.

  38. Nicole Mussolin


    In my opinion “to educate” means transmit knowledges (concepts and informations) and skills (tools to…) useful to the individual, inner, cognitive, social formation of a person.
    I also think that education is an opportunity to build your future, to become who you would like to be, to have a culture, to be able to support a speech with other people, to be able to share your life, your thoughts and your culture with others, to learn to have an open mind to knowledge.
    In my opinion we also never stop learning and to admit to not know a thing isn’t a weakness but a possibility to enrich yourself.
    Unfortunately education is a privilege that not everyone could enjoy of and to have not an education is a big obstacle to a dignified and peaceful life.
    Where there isn’t instruction young people have no opportunity to change their life and their situation; in fact the building of schools is a target of primary importance in underdeveloped countries.
    In my country the school offer is diversified, but in these years I’ve understand that teachers make the real difference.
    So I would like that in the schools there were teachers who love their job and who are able to transmit, to students, their passion for what they do and their knowledges.
    They should be correct, they shouldn’t cause differences between students, they should engage and encourage them but also to be strict when it is necessary.
    They should be a role model for their students, they should always have an open mind to knowledge.
    I also think that they should also teach us to live in the society of today and to share life and opinions with other people, they should teach us the respect, that is the base of every good relationship.
    If I were a teacher I would like to teach in this way but I know that it’s hard because sometimes students are disrespectful and often teachers haven’t funds to realize what they want.
    I think that Grigoletti is a good school, there are many competent teachers who have a correct approach with students, there are also many interesting and original courses.
    I also think that students are generally properly prepared.
    I would like to improve the organization, that sometimes isn’t good at all.

  39. In my opinion education is a foundamental thing for the life of a human being. I don’t really know the reason why is it that so important to me, I think that it may be because my parents, mostly my dad, use to be very strict with me, and I’m really happy of this, because now (that I’m obviously more educated than before) I can see the difference between me and friends of mine that haven’t got the same teachings that I have, for example how to eat, put the hand before the mouth when you yawn or cough…etc. Another reason of the importance of education is that without it you can’t go far away in your life. If a teenager isn’t polite or however he has to be, it is not his fault, because you can’t born already “tamed”, mostly your parents, but also the other adults of your life like teachers and relatives, could teach you how to behave in the world and how to interact with people. In line with this thought, my ideal school is made by teachers and other collaborators that are always smiling, even if they are not happy, and satisfied about their job and what they always do for the others. I dream about a school that starts at 9 o’clock, about teachers that don’t give us a lot of homework and where students are glad about their life and themselves. I say these things because I’m a teenager that in the morning doesn’t want to wake up at 7 o’clock and doesn’t want to pass all the afternoon studing. I have a lot of toughts in my mind, but if you ask me ideas about how to improove my school, I don’t know what to say because they all may be things that would make students study less, apart the idea that every student could choose his subjects at school. A thing that could be useful to all the schools, is the increased use of the LIM and of the works in groups, one of the things that I don’t like of nowadays school is that mostly of the teachers do boring lessons, reading and following letteraly the books, I think that they should change a bit the way of teaching, for axample working about different projects and with the computer. I’m very lucky because in my school there are teachers that really love their job and that work with passion and determination, pushing us to do our best and encouraging us to work hard. Dreaming it means that if I were a teacher, I would be like this: I would always propose to my students lots of projects (obviously related with the program), I would work with different materials, like the LIM or computers, I would give them work to do in groups and in class they would sit in little groups of 4 or 5. When I was a little child I would like to be a maths teacher, but thinking about it now, I realize that I couldn’t do all that things that I would like to, however now my dreams are others, so I don’t ask myself the solution of this problem.

  40. The word EDUCATION has many meanings. It’s something that adults teach to children and teachers teach to students. But in the same time is something you learn day by day in everything you do. Education is part of school. My ideal school is like mine, but where teachers give us more encouragement and where everyone of them loves their job so that we love their subjects too. I would improve my school adding more technologies and maybe more happiness…
    If I were an headmaster I would try to motivate my colleagues to do a great job and I would propose some ideas to make school a good place. If I were a teacher I would go all out to be a good example for all my students.

  41. Education, for me is a form of respect and you contrive it in your life. The education is the most important thing in the life of everybody, without it you can’t live well. I think that the education is when you’re speaking with people and you use bad word or when you’re eating and you show the food in your mouth but also I think that education is not only material things because the education is in the hearth. When someone doesn’t feel good you have to help he or she. I think that the education derive from your family and without the education you can’t go on and on. The education must be present in our school and I’ve got my ideal school. my ideal school is very simple. I would a school where everybody get on very well with the mates. I would a school where the teachers listen to me, where they don’t give marks for the tests and where they don’t think that we’re numbers or things. In my ideal school everybody must study at school and at home you haven’t to have homework because the work that you do at school is sufficient. I got in a school where not always the teachers listen to. I like my school, I choose a lingual school because I like languages. I like all of my teachers but sometimes I would kill they because I say something and they act as if nothing has happened. For me this is a form of rudeness. I’m not saying that the students are always educated or they answer in a good manner but the teachers must to remember that we are people. I would improve my school with an architect because she is ruined in many aspect. I would improve my school also for the student because they don’t respect the rules. I like my school because is big and it has got many classroom and many computers, I like it because in it I’ve got many friends and I’ve got a big class and good mates. I like my school and I would do it in the better mode. If I were a headmaster I would create an ideal school and for create it I need of a lot of a good teachers that they can help me and a school where there isn’t hate with the students. If I were a headmaster I would say to the teachers that they must to ask to us what we would really and I would that the teachers speak about what is happened in the world and we don’t study only on the books because the things that happen in the world are important for create our culture. Finally if I were a teacher I would teach in a simple mode, where I give voice to the students and where I don’t judge they for their ideas.

  42. Education for me is a thing that help me to gain self confident to lead a succesful life in future and to achive my aim. Education, also, help to grow and to learn new things about the world that surround me. My ideal school is without exams, oral test and marks, because in my view, giving marks at school now a days, affect us students, to the point to hate the subject that teach to us. If i were a teacher i would teach in a fun way because, in this way, in my opinion, laughing and joking with the students, i would have their attention and more participation from them. If i were a headmaster, i would organize a lot of activities, such as sport events, some competitions in various subjects, have some historical excursions and more cultural trips and then i would also improve behavior and manners. I study in Liceo M. Grigoletti, a school where you study languages. I like this school for many reason, but sometimes i hate it because every day i have to study, but despite this i’m proud of what i choose.

  43. Education.Well education for me is something we all should have,especially nowadays where it is essential having it to be someone in our society,but I think it is important even because I want to understand what surrounds me and know how to interact with it,amd without an education you can’t do any of these things.
    If I could decide how my school would be probably it would be less strict and we could choose our subjects because everyone would be happier to go to school if we could do what we are interested in and we would study more than now,another point is that the classes would be more equipped and the relationship between students and teachers would be more equal,this is my ideal school and if I were a Headmaster I would do everything in my power to create a school like this because I believe that learning and getting an education should be a beautiful experience that every student would like to remember and live without being stressed all the time but it should be a good experience even for teachers because if they don’t enjoy teaching they can’t possibly make their students love their subject. If I were a teacher I would try to find different ways to teach my students,making some interactive and manual activities and trying to make my lessons interesting and then I think I would give them less homework because you learn more in class. Actually I really like my school but I think it would be better if it was less crowded and with fewer students per class because having fewer classmates every teacher could help us better and have more time to dedicate to every student and his/her problems.

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