Onomatopoeia Poems

We saw in class the different onomatopoeic words used in English and in Italian to express surprise, pain, disappointment, etc.  I asked you to choose a few you liked the most and come up with your own poem.  Here is what you sent me! Thanks.



I say phew in English when I feel light and Aah in Italian

English water drop and it goes plop, Italian rain splashes

Oh! English people say when they get A in maths. But we say WOW and FIIGO like prof Lomolino

Clunk or tin? What you mean? I mean iron when I’m in London

My Angle Ford car crashed with crashes

(Martina Pavanello)

There goes my hope
As tears fall
I didn’t want
To go.



One thought on “Onomatopoeia Poems


    The government makes my choices.
    It choose what I can see, what I can know, what I can listen to. But I don’t know this. It controls my life. But I don’t know this.
    It has the power. It wants it. It wants money, not my happiness. It uses lies and globalisation to do this.
    Everybody is like everybody. Same dresses, same food, same drinks, same ideas.
    What about my future?
    Will I discover what the government is doing with my life?
    Will I be free?
    I believe this. But I don’t know this.

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